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Through our extensive range of products, as well as complete solutions, ArcelorMittal Europe meets all of these conditions:

  • Aesthetic and functional range of organic and metallic coated steels like Granite® Silky Shine and Granite® HDX
  • Thermal and acoustic panels for facades
  • Cellular ACB® and Angelina® beams that enable the design of vast column-free spaces
  • Shallow floor beams like SFB and IFB and the integrated flooring solution CoSFB
  • Composite flooring decks Cofraplus® and Cofrastra®
  • Additive flooring solution Cofraplus® 220
  • Various solutions adapted to your project: GlobalWall and GlobalRoof

We kindly invite you to familiarise yourself with all of our products and read about how they have been used in different office building projects in our case study gallery.

Office buildings

A modern-day office building isn’t just about architectural beauty, aesthetics, or highly advanced technology. It is also about sustainability and the preservation of natural resources provided by our planet. Sustainable steel is a material that satisfies all of the above requirements while being 100% recyclable.

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Creating a harmonious office space, in which people nowadays spend at least 30% of their day, requires satisfying a range of parameters. They don’t just involve technical requirements that have to do with the properties of materials in use, but also deal with mechanical resistance, fire, and thermal and acoustic performances.

Investors, architects, and contractors expect much more. They are looking for easily adaptable and easily changeable surface arrangements with the least square meterage used for construction, excellent lighting, or quick erection time.


Steligence® is a fresh and innovative concept that ensures that each steel component interacts in a complementary way. The Steligence® approach includes a broad range of steel products for construction, including office buildings, which individually add value, but together represent a compelling portfolio with a range of defined benefits.