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HISTAR® steels are delivered in a thermomechanically rolled condition in accordance with the European Technical Approval ETA-10/0156. They comply with the requirements of the European standard EN 10025-4: 2019 for weldable fine grain structural steels and other national standards like ASTM A 913-11 and JIS G 3106:2008.

HISTAR® grades are compatible with the requirements of the Eurocodes for the design of steel structures and composite steel-concrete structures.

The steels are typically delivered with an Si content ranging between 0,14% and 0,25% and are as such capable of forming a zinc layer during hot-dip galvanisation. As the phosphorus content of these steels is usually lower than 0,035%, it does not have any influence on the final thickness of the coating in the considered Si range.

HISTAR® steels are produced in the modern EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) route, using 100% scrap as a raw material (upcycling). EAF steel production technology allows for significant reductions of noise, particle, and CO2-emissions and saves water and primary energy in the production process.

Resistant, economical, & sustainable

HISTAR® steels are innovative structural steel grades with a low alloy content available in yield strengths of 355 MPa and 460 MPa. HISTAR® grades combine high strength with excellent toughness at low temperatures and outstanding weldability - these material properties were considered incompatible until now.

The application of the innovative in-line heat treatment QST (Quenching and Self-Tempering) allows all HISTAR® grades, unlike most standard grades, to offer improved guaranteed values for yield strength over the whole product range.

  • Considerable weight reduction and cost savings of steel structures
  • Time savings in fabrication process: e.g. generally no preheating required for welding thanks to HISTAR®'s low carbon equivalent values

HISTAR® high strength steels are the ideal solution for structural applications where strong axial behaviour is key. In the shape of hot rolled Super Jumbo profiles, HISTAR® steels lead to automatic cost and material saving compared to conventional steel grades in the following applications:

In gravity columns (steel and composite columns with hot rolled profiles for higher resistance under axial compression, cruciform sections, and tailor-made solutions), the use of HISTAR® 460 compared to S355 brings an immediate 30% improvement of the axial stress resistance in relation to cost, weight savings, and gains in net carpet area. In long span trusses, the use of HISTAR® steels reduces the size and weight of its members, allowing for more economical and lighter designs. The same applies to belt trusses and outriggers, which improve stiffness and strength and add torsional resistance in high rise buildings. In foundation solutions, considerable weight savings are automatically ensured when using HISTAR® for HZ®-M King piles in axial compression.

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