Structural steel grades

Technical information

HISTAR® steels are delivered in a thermomechanically rolled condition in accordance with the European Technical Approval ETA-10/0156. They comply with the requirements of the European standard EN 10025-4: 2004 for weldable fine grain structural steels and other national standards like ASTM A 913-11 and JIS G 3106:2008.

HISTAR® grades are compatible with the requirements of the Eurocodes for the design of steel structures and composite steel-concrete structures.

The steels are typically delivered with an Si content ranging between 0,14% and 0,25% and are as such capable of forming a zinc layer during hot-dip galvanisation. As the phosphorus content of these steels is usually lower than 0,035%, it does not have any influence on the final thickness of the coating in the considered Si range.

Resistant, economical, & sustainable

HISTAR® steels are innovative structural steel grades with a low alloy content available in yield strengths of 355 MPa and 460 MPa. HISTAR® grades combine high strength with excellent toughness at low temperatures and outstanding weldability - these material properties were considered incompatible until now.

The application of the innovative in-line heat treatment QST (Quenching and Self-Tempering) allows all HISTAR® grades, unlike most standard grades, to offer improved guaranteed values for yield strength over the whole product range.

  • Considerable weight reduction and cost savings of steel structures
  • Time savings in fabrication process: e.g. generally no preheating required for welding thanks to HISTAR®'s low carbon equivalent values

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