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ArcelorMittal Europe offers organic coated steel products and solutions that can adapt to most roofing and guttering applications, including:

•    For roofing solutions made of profiled sheets or sandwich panels, Granite® HDXtreme and Granite® HDX are our best in class solutions for very long durability, whatever the local environment. They are fully suitable for PV roofing solutions requiring a long guarantee duration and very low maintenance.
•    Tile or slate patterns with Granite® Ultramat, which can be processed and erected at low temperatures with very high flexibility, Granite® Impression Cloudy, Granite® Storm, and Granite® Quartz. Roofing tiles made of steel combine a wide range of aesthetics with all the advantages of metal.
•    Standing seam roofs (and also facades) with Granite® HFX Cool. Standing seams have been used for hundreds of years to seal metal roofs. They enable complex, curved, and long span roofing solutions combined with very efficient air and water tightness performances.
•    Rainwater systems with Granite® Rain HDX prepainted steel.


Organic coated steel is one of the most used materials for roofing, whatever the building type and environment. Organic coated steel roofing solutions are growing in popularity as architects, designers, and owners seek out stylish alternatives to traditional materials. More and more architects are considering roofing to be the ‘fifth facade’ of buildings. Metallic roofing offers endless possibilities not only to express creativity but also to make manufacturing affordable. Organic coated steel is also the perfect material to install solar modules on roofs as it combines very long durability performances with mechanical resistance and lightness.

Organic coated steel roofs are popular thanks to more than just visually pleasing aesthetics. They are also extremely durable and sustainable, lightweight, cost-effective, quick and easy to install whatever the climate, and can increase the value of your building as a result of their low maintenance and durability. In addition, they largely contribute to a building's thermal and energy efficiency and are fully compatible with PV roofing solutions, enabling the whole building to become an energy provider. Organic coated steels can also reach a total solar reflectance index (SRI) of more than 80% to minimise heat absorption and reduce energy usage from cooling systems, reducing the heat island effect for high reflectance roofs.

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Moreover, as a construction product manufacturer, ArcelorMittal Europe proposes an extended range of profiles and sandwich panels for roofing solutions:

•    Sandwich panels made of steel have become one of the most recognised solutions for insulated buildings. ArcelorMittal sandwich panels for roofs have a PUR / PIR or mineral wool insulation core and thus have insulating, fire-resistant, and flame-retardant functions. The roof panels are suitable for areas with low or medium high humidity. Sandwich panels are widely used for finishing off sheds, barns, and hall roofs, or food industry buildings with low or even negative temperatures.

By choosing ArcelorMittal’s best in class products, you can extend the lifetime of the roofing system beyond 50 years. Working with us, you receive guaranteed quality and sustainability as our products are certified as free of chromates and heavy metals (compliant with the European REACH regulation). Our XCarb® Recycled and renewably produced offer will soon be available for roofing solutions.

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