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If the architect wants the structure to be visible as part of interior or exterior architecture we also propose:

•    A full range of sections, rolled or built-up welded, combined with high strength steel grades to lighten the structure and make it “slim”
•    Our castellated beam range, such as Angelina® or ACB®, with web openings for specific visual rendering
•    A full range of tubes from circular to square and rectangular hollow shapes

ArcelorMittal Europe’s offer includes a complete range of possibilities to make your project a unique one.


De gustibus non est disputandum. Aesthetics and beauty evolve through time and space. Architectural styles change and elapse, but the constant goal of every artist remains the same – to achieve the ideal beauty. Designing unforgettable structures that immerse themselves in the history of architecture while giving their creator an everlasting testimony of their work is most likely every architect’s dream.

Nowadays, technical performances and the sustainable design cycle all lead to challenging construction processes with aesthetics being constantly reassessed. Offering a large combination of forms and colours in modern architecture is currently mandatory in order to satisfy construction sector expectations and bestow buildings with new and complex aesthetic finishes.

In order to respond to these constantly evolving demands, ArcelorMittal Europe has developed a full range of steel products and solutions for exterior building envelopes as well as for interior applications with:

•    Metallic and organic coated steels which are proposing new visual aesthetic appearances for building envelopes and interior design
•    A large panel of surface finishes: smooth, grained, textured, or embossed
•    A wide choice of colours: solid, metallic, pearlescent
•    A required degree of gloss: anything from matt to high gloss
•    Various printed patterns that can be proposed to complete the range of possibilities

To obtain such performances, among other product ranges ArcelorMittal Europe offers:

•    For outdoor use
     - Granite®* product range
     - Indaten® weathering steel with its specific patina finish

•    For Indoor use
     - Estetic® product range

*Our organic coated steels are always delivered with coatings and surface treatments free of hexavalent chromium and heavy metals (lead or hexavalent chromium complex).