Steligence® proposes that buildings need to be considered to be integrated, almost ‘living’ entities, embedded in the urban environment. In this context, it suggests that broader and more transparent collaboration between architects, engineers, and property developers is called for given that without it, the potential to resolve the apparently competing demands of creativity, flexibility, sustainability, and economics is inevitably compromised.

Built into the Steligence® approach is a broad range of steel products for construction which individually add value, but together represent a compelling portfolio with a range of defined benefits.

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ArcelorMittal best-in-class steel components

A building is a ‘living entity’ comprised of many diverse components. Steligence® proposes a holistic approach ensuring every steel component interacts in a complementary way and addressing the fundamental architectural and construction challenges of economics, sustainability, flexibility, and creativity. Here, we provide an overview of the best in class steel products which are used to bring this approach to life for office buildings.

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Building the case for change

In a rapidly urbanising world facing significant climate and resource challenges, the construction industry stands to lead the way in delivering healthy, sustainable buildings. Succeeding on this journey requires collaboration across the industry and a holistic approach to determining social, environmental, and economic impacts.

Steligence® is a comprehensive, science-based solution offering stakeholders throughout the architectural, engineering, and construction community the opportunity to optimise every aspect of a building. It is an essential tool in the drive towards sustainable design providing an in-depth comparison of the performance of steel when compared to other building materials. 

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