The particular characteristics of structural steel offer optimal solutions that satisfy architectural, engineering, and economic aspects.

ArcelorMittal Europe’s trademark steels are HISTAR® and FRITENAR® - structural steel grades combining high strength, good toughness, and superior weldability, exceeding requirements and offering supplementary guarantees.

The solution for lightweight, long-spanning structural elements is to implement the cellular ACB® and Angelina® beams. With their circular and sinusoidal web openings, they elegantly combine function with flexibility.

CoSFB (Composite slim floor beams) integrates the advantages of composite design with traditional slim floor construction.

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Iconic. A piece of art. The symbol of Paris. The Eiffel Tower is the best known example worldwide of structural steel architecture. The design and dimensioning of modern buildings requires careful consideration of many factors such as technical requirements including building physics, architecture, and cost-effectiveness.

ArcelorMittal also offers a number of pre-design tools in order to support engineers in the use and calculation of our range of steel products and solutions. These free tools cover various design aspects of steel and composite structures in accordance with Eurocodes (beams, columns, castellated beams, slim floor solutions, steel grades, connections, etc.), different performances (e.g. fire & seismic calculations, life cycle assessment, and cost estimation), and construction types.

Our technical team is always at your disposal and will gladly assist you by answering all of your questions in order to provide you with the most beneficial offer.