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Not just a configurator

The Roofing configurator culminates with a report containing the technical data of the product, its name, and colour. In the Polish version of the tool, this report also contains the details of our partners who can offer you the selected profile.

For designers, we have also prepared BIM objects for the steels used. A link to the appropriate BIM objects is included in each report.

Before generating the report, you can view your selected tile more closely in the virtual 3D world. To do this, simply scan the QR code, which will automatically appear in the tool, with your phone.

We invite you to watch the short instructional video that introduces the functionality and effectiveness of the Roofing configurator tool. (Currently, this video is based on the Polish version of the tool.)

Roofing configurator

Our Roofing configurator is a design tool demonstrating the possibilities offered by organic coated steel - Granite® from ArcelorMittal Europe - Flat Products - in the design and realisation of roofing.

Currently, this design tool is available in Polish and French.

3 in 1: three features in one tool

Our Roofing configurator not only allows you to choose the profile and colour of the roof for a specific project - it also gives you the option to transform the coverage of an existing roof or to calculate the roof slope area.

In ‘DACH, BŁYSK I MAT (Design your roof)’, we propose four types of architecture, eight types of profiles, and as many as 40 different coatings divided into Prestige and Premium ranges. This allows for up to 1000 different combinations with these three variables: architecture + profile + coating/colour.

‘ZADASZ SIĘ (Redesign your roof)’ allows you to transform your existing roof. You can change the roof and also match the colours of the facades, doors, and window frames.

‘MÓJ DACH (My roof)’ allows you to estimate the area of the roof including tracts, dormers, and other elements of the roof based on a Google map image.

Granite® range: best in class steel for roofing and more…

The Granite® range offers a combination of rich colours with an extensive variety of surface patterns such as smooth, grained, embossed, textured, or orange peel effect. The steel is available in several finishes for outdoor applications from matt to high gloss and even metallic finishes.

The configurator uses organic coated steel intended for roofing:

  • Granite® HDX where outstanding resistance to corrosion and colour stability are required (Polish and French version)
  • Granite® Quartz (Polish version) and Granite® Storm (French version) for extended durability of roofing applications combined with exceptional aesthetics
  • Granite® Ultramat (Polish version) and Granite® Deep Mat (French version) with a high quality and flexible coating
  • Granite® HFX Cool for excellent formability (French version)

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