Magnelis® ensures durability at the ArcelorMittal mill in Ghent

The ArcelorMittal Ghent site includes a large administration building and an integrated mill. In order to showcase new ArcelorMittal steels and solutions, the site has stepped up a project to use ArcelorMittal’s innovative products in a more eye-catching way.

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Self-healing protection on show

Recent improvements to the mill’s infrastructure showcase ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products’ durable and self-healing Magnelis® coating. “The new standing-seam roof of the quenching tower is made with Magnelis®,” notes Geert Van Heirseele of ArcelorMittal R&D. “The idea came from the mill team themselves. They heard about the unique properties of Magnelis® and immediately saw opportunities for it to be implemented onsite. It is very positive to see that our teams are fully informed of the advantages of Magnelis® and that it is being used in more projects throughout the mill.”

In addition to the quenching tower, a new transport conveyor has been constructed to move raw materials from storage to the blast furnace. The conveyor structure and its protective roof are made from structural steels which have been coated in Magnelis®. “The use of Magnelis® will ensure the structure can withstand the wear-and-tear from fine particles generated as materials are transported along the conveyor belt,” Van Heirseele explains. “Magnelis® repairs itself on cut edges, ensuring the underlying steel is protected from corrosion.”

New Magnelis® steel deck roof makes full use of self-healing effect

Magnelis® has also been utilised on the roof of the new galvanisation line at ArcelorMittal Gent. The new steel deck roof consists of plates which are coated in Magnelis® ZM310 and then placed on the top of the building. Additional layers of insulation and waterproofing membranes are added to make the roof completely watertight.

“Magnelis® was chosen as it is necessary to pierce or cut the steel deck in places to enable the insulation and membrane layers to be secured to the steel deck,” notes Paul Vermeire, purchasing manager for the site. “As Magnelis® can heal itself on these cut edges, there is no risk of corrosion. It can withstand the humid and industrial atmosphere onsite, and the condensation which forms on the underside of the steel deck. Together these properties make Magnelis® the perfect long-term solution.”

Magnelis® withstands aggressive mill environment

Magnelis® coated steel has been used to manufacture new lighting poles which were put in place throughout the plant two years ago. A new Magnelis® ventilation grille was also installed above the hot rolling mill. This environment is extremely aggressive. The Magnelis® grilles replace aluminium versions which had degraded significantly in the harsh atmosphere.

The framework of a new building in the mill has been coated in Magnelis® to ensure a long service life. As Magnelis® self-heals on cut edges, it was not necessary to add corrosion protection to fixings, enabling the building to be constructed in record time.

“Magnelis® was chosen for two reasons: its excellent durability and because it does not require painting, even in the aggressive industrial environment of the mill,” notes Van Heirseele. “This reduces maintenance costs significantly as the previous solution had to be repainted every year or two.”

Further improvements are coming soon as the use of ArcelorMittal products in the Ghent mill is set to continue.

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  • Ghent
  • Belgium
  • 2017
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    ArcelorMittal Global R&D
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    ArcelorMittal Europe - Flat Products