Loire Arena: high performance acoustic and thermal insulation thanks to ArcelorMittal solutions

As the new cultural hotspot in the French Loire Valley, the Loire Arena Sports and Cultural Center is a very flexible venue in the town of Trélazé that can host up to 6.500 spectators. For its roof and façades, Arval by ArcelorMittal's GlobalRoof and GlobalWall systems were used in order to ensure high performance acoustic and thermal insulation.

Detailed information

Unique in its size and flexibility in the French department of Maine-et-Loire, the Loire Arena was officially inaugurated in June 2013 with the 34th European Women Basketball Championship  organized by the International Basketball Federation and is the new venue for cultural and sports events in the region.

In March 2011 the architectural firm Bernard Chinours from Perigeux was awarded with the design of this multipurpose event center. Its architectural concept is the result of a thorough analysis of the geographical context and the history of the town of Trélazé which once was famous for its slate extraction, guaranteeing the supply of the whole country.

The Loire Arena refers to this history: on the one hand its location in a former 4,5 ha slate quarry and on the other hand the color of the building itself with its black façade.

The highly flexible venue offers a surface of 10,942 m² on 5 levels for sport events and competitions with seating for more than 5.000 people, large shows for up to 6.500 specators including 3.700 seats 80 places for disabled and corporate events for around 1000 guests. The flexible stand system offers 3 different combinations and can be adapted according to the requirements of each event.

GlobalRoof and GlobalWall Solutions by ArcelorMittal

For roofing and façades, the architect chose Arval by ArcelorMittal's GlobalRoof and GlobalWall systems that fully comply with the building's special requirements for acoustic and thermal insulation. These roof and wall solutions have been specifically developed for buildings of this kind and can be adapted individually to achieve the best performance and cope with the technical constraints of the project.

The roof system selected for the Loire Arena is the complex double and triple skin solution CIN 325 from ArcelorMittal's Arval range.

Aesthetic Solution with Noise Isolation

GlobalRoof CIN 325 is a waterproof roof system that guarantees exceptional noise isolation, providing at the same time an aesthetic solution due to the absence of exposed fasteners of the insulation on the underside. It consists of perforated Hacierco liner trays (galvanized, prepainted steel profiles) as the inner skin, various layer of insulation and Hacierco 40 SR steel deck. This complete system achieves a high sound reduction index and prevents any noise disturbance of the neighbourhood at sports or entertainment events and concerts.

Moreover, the GlobalRoof CIN 325 P system  improves the venue's interior acoustic comfort due to the use of perforated Hacierco trays for the inner skin: the reverberation time is reduced, which limits the echo effect to ensure excellent intelligibility and a homogeneous sound field.
Sound reduction index Rw (C , Ctr) = 55 (-2 , 8) dB
Sound absorption coefficient : w = 0.90 Alpha
Surface coefficient of heat transfer Up = 0.20 w / m 2 K

The building's black façade is made with Arval's GobalWall system guaranteeing optimum acoustic and thermal insulation. The system's outer skin consists of matt black prepainted steel sheets in the colour “Blackberry” of the Naturel coating system from Arval's Colorissime colour range.

Project Information

  • Trélazé
  • France
  • Architect:
    Bernard Chinours
  • March 2012 - June 2013
  • Client:
    Ville de Trélazé
  • Contractors:
  • Installation façade:
    Bardages Métalliques Toitures Industrielles (BMTI)
  • Installation Roof:
    Briand Construction Métallique
  • Acoustics:
    Peutz & Associés
  • Photographer:
    ©Arval by ArcelorMittal