Multigenerational Centre Le Poinçonnet: a façade like autumn foliage with Indaten® weathering steel

The Centre of Multigenerational Activities in the French town of Le Poinçonnet is characterized by its contemporary architecture, dominated by the interaction of the flowing lines and the materials used. ArcelorMittal supplied the steel part of the centre's cladding: Coque MD panels made of Indaten® weathering steel in natural brownish colours.

Detailed information

The Multigenerational Centre Odakim was designed as an open place for all generations, a place to meet, to exchange and to create. As the town's entertainment hub it plays a vital role in the community and connects the inhabitants of all generations. It offers activities and events not only for the town's youth and senior citizens, but also for families and different associations.

Opened in 2012, the buildings offers 600 m2 usable space on three levels and was built in compliance with high environmental quality standards (French HQE). The Odakim's design and internal organization was conceived to fully comply with the requirements of its functions. The centre comprises 7 activity spaces, including a grand, open hall, a space for the youth and 2 rooms dedicated to artistic activities. Odakim also offers a museum space with minerals and ancient tools, two rooms for associations, a secured meeting and exhibition room and a reception and support area.

Architectural design

The Multigenerational Activity Centre is built into a green slope in the town centre close to the city hall. From street level, an access ramp winds up to the main entrance in a dynamic movement. The curves of the mainly organic shaped volumes stand in clear contrast to the straight lines of the building's envelope. The roof cantilevers over the main façade, supported by an ensemble of 3 slender steel tubes. The glazed part of the main façade is protected from the sun by a structure of steel bars with different lengths.

The façade is made of weathering steel, glass and wood.  Weathering steel offers exceptional longevity and it is, like all steels in construction, fully recyclable. With its different shades of brown the weathering steel resembles the autumn foliage and also refers to the town's history  from the 17th to the 19th century, that were marked by ironworks.

The mirror effect of the processed glass in different green tones creates a perfect harmony with the natural brownish colours of the steel, the wood  and the building's surroundings. Wood prevails in the building's interiors, but  materials, coatings and  lighting is adapted to the requirements of each room.

ArcelorMittal steel: aesthetic cladding products for façade

ArcelorMittal supplied Indaten® weathering steel for this project which is assembled in Coque MD panels. These panels, part of ArcelorMittal Construction's aesthetic cladding product range, were specially developed for weathering steel as the transformation possibilities of this material are  limited due to its characteristics. The panels are fixed invisibly on support rails connected to the building's load bearing structure.

Project Information

  • Le Poinçonnet
  • France
  • Architect:
    Antoine Reale
  • 2012
  • Client:
    City of Le Poinçonnet
  • Photographer:
    Arval by ArcelorMittal