Zero Newton® Tower: Gaining space with Cofradal® and CoSFB

This new minimalist landmark building at the heart of the urban project on the Île de Nantes in Nantes, France was born from a meeting between architects Anthony Rio of Agence Unité and Edouardo Souto de Moura of the Souto de Moura Agency and winner of the 2011 Pritzker Architecture Prize. Nourished by their architectural grammar and cultures as different as they are complementary, the Zero Newton® Tower is a singular work.

Detailed information

Unlocked and rotated

The architects designed a sleek architectural object, then unlocked it and rotated the entire building above the ground floor like a latch to open up the view and offer users of the building a different experience.

Challenging weightlessness

Combining rigour and vertical lines, Zero Newton® appears to challenge weightlessness with its cantilever design while at the same time imposing and confusing. To achieve this feat, the entire structure is suspended by lattice beams supported at the central core on the last level with the others cantilevered, overhanging the ground level. The application of light construction systems helped to reduce the mass of the building.

ArcelorMittal's slim floor system creates an additional level

The use of Cofradal® steel-composite floors resulted in a 12% increase in additional space when comparing the 28-metre-high Zero Newton® to a building of identical height and facade surface constructed with a conventional system. The removal of the false ceiling associated with the use of the integrated beam CoSFB slim floor system reduced the height of the beam + floor to only 280 mm instead of the usual height of 650 mm.

The 390 mm gained on each level (exposed subfloor height) generated an overall gain of 3.12 m, which resulted in an additional level! Even with nine storeys, the weight of the building is 40% less than an eight-storey concrete construction, thus saving on the foundations and the entire structure.

A connected network of companies

The building consists of a ground floor hinging around a patio and includes an art gallery and a restaurant, as well as a reception centre and 2364 square metres of office space, where companies and start-ups will work and collaborate inside a reflection of the real estate of the future.

To maintain this connected network of companies, an application dedicated to the management of common areas and associated services in the building will be the animating tool of Zero Newton®.

Project information

  • Nantes
  • France
  • 2018
  • Architect:
    UAPS + Marcel Smets
  • Associate Architect:
    Edouardo Souto de Moura
  • Developer:
    SCI Kazoku
  • Installer:
    OMS Construction Métallique
  • Photos:
    ©Agence Unité, ©V. Birarda/ArcelorMittal Construction
  • Text:
    ArcelorMittal Construction, Constructalia