Bottovini: Granite® Deep Mat asserts winemaker’s place in the landscape

Bottovini is a family-owned winemaker located in the Monferrato Acquese region of Italy’s northern Piemonte province. When they decided to build a new centre in Ricaldone, Bottovini selected a light steel construction clad in Granite® Deep Mat from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products. The colour, Terra, helps the building to blend naturally into the environment and reinforces Bottovini’s relationship with the landscape where they have produced their wines for generations.

Detailed information

The new building will be dedicated to the production and sales of Bottovini’s highly regarded wines. Andrea Botto, the latest member of the family to lead Bottovini, explains his family’s connection to the region: “The Monferrato Acquese area is particularly suited to the cultivation of vines due to its climate and orientation. Thanks to the passion, affection, and knowledge of the area my family have, we now cultivate 20 hectares of vineyards.

Finish and colour blend with company values

When it came to build the company’s new facility in Ricaldone, a cheaper solution using standard plates was initially considered. However, Andrea Botto decided to work with Granite® Deep Mat after it was proposed by his builder: “I liked the finish and the Terra colour – it is well suited to the local landscape. We also think that the thickness and stability of the paint layer will reduce maintenance of the external facade significantly. We combined Granite® Deep Mat with a 100-millimetre thick insulating panel to reduce energy use for heating and cooling.”

Engineer, Marco Mantelli, from SCC SRL (Società Costruzioni Capannoni) – the company that built the new Bottovini centre, was introduced to Granite® Deep Mat through ArcelorMittal’s Steel Envelope book: “We decided it was an ideal choice for Andrea’s project. Once he agreed, we contacted Fabrizio Facchini from Elcom System who would make the panels.”

“It was easy to utilise Granite® Deep Mat produced by ArcelorMittal in Italy as the external skin of our Termoparete® and Termocopertura® sandwich panels,” notes Fabrizio Facchini. “The pre-painted external metal is profiled, filled with insulating foam, cut to length, and then packed ready for shipment in a continuous process.”

Advantages of steel structures in earthquakes

SCC SRL specialises in the building of steel structures in Italy. The use of a steel framing system was important due to the seismic activity in the Piemonte region, as Mr Mantelli explains: “Steel is the only anti-seismic material by nature. Using it, we can produce lighter structures than with other materials. As the effect of seismic forces is proportional to the weight of the structure, the effect of an earthquake on a steel structure is very low.”

The steel structure is bolted together, while the panels are screwed to the structure. “In case of an earthquake, this guarantees a fundamental structural bond which maintains the rigidity and integrity of the building,” notes Mr Mantelli. “Steel is also an elastic and flexible material that allows for deformation – both to the structure and the panels. You won’t see the cracks that are inevitable in any other building material after an earthquake.”

For his part, Andrea Botto is extremely pleased with the aesthetic appearance of the new Bottovini wine centre: “The quality of the building is obvious to anyone who comes to visit our cellar. It will have great benefits for our brand.”

About Granite® Deep Mat

Granite® Deep Mat provides an elegant finish for facades. Robust and scratch resistant, Granite® Deep Mat offers excellent formability. It is available in 11 colours and two finishes: a smooth, slightly grained finish, and a warm, tactile surface with a slightly sparkling textured appearance combined with very low gloss levels (below 5 gloss units [GU]).

Like all of our Granite® products, Granite® Deep Mat is part of the Nature range. ArcelorMittal’s Nature organic coated steels are free from heavy metals and chromates.

Project information

  • Ricaldone
  • Italy
  • 2017
  • Client:
    Azienda agricola Botto Pier Luigi
  • Contractors:
    Elcom System (sandwich panels)
    SCC SRL (steel structure)
  • Photos:
    Andrea Trinchini/ArcelorMittal
  • Text:
    ArcelorMittal Europe - Flat Products