A partner in testing ArcelorMittal coatings

To ensure even longer use and greater durability of ArcelorMittal steel roofing, we began working with DACHPOLL to test Granite® Ultramat. Additionally, different tile shapes were tested by analysing bend radii. Thanks to our partner, the shape of the steel roof tiles have been adjusted in such a way so as not to exceed the required parameters for the varnish coat and to offer patterns of roof tiles that meet customers’ expectations.


DACHPOLL have 40 years of experience in profiling roofing sheets and is a manufacturer of sheet metal profiling machines. DACHPOLL have also been conducting research in the field of profiling and sheet metal pressing for many years. A qualified team of engineers and specialists are constantly working to develop even better technological solutions in order to improve the quality of devices and products. As a result, their profiling machines are used by leaders in the roofing industry in Poland and abroad. The dynamic development of the company is also evident via the registration of several hundred industrial designs in patent offices in Poland, the European Union, Russia, and Ukraine. The patented industrial designs of DACHPOLL roofing sheets are currently setting trends in the roofing industry, and ArcelorMittal ensures that our Granite® Ultramat coating is being used at its best.

Making roof tiles more beautiful and durable: ArcelorMittal and DACHPOLL strengthen cooperation

Steel roofing is a popular choice in the construction and renovation market. The numerous advantages of steel roofing are what make it so convincing.

The advantages of steel roofing

The roof is one of the most visible, eye-catching elements of a house. If you are looking for an aesthetic, light, and easy-to-install roof with convenient options, all at an affordable price, then you should definitely consider steel roof tiles. It is a solution that has been successfully used for years for roofing in millions of homes and other types of buildings.

Challenges in the creation of steel roof tiles

It would seem that there is nothing more pleasant when creating a steel roof tile than inventing its shape - a bend that will enhance the colour or reflect light in a unique way. However, not everyone is aware of the technical and material requirements that should or have to be met. Forming complex shapes on curved, convex, and concave surfaces in addition to the required flexibility of the varnish coat are challenging factors in the creation of steel roof tiles.

Text: Constructalia

A wide range of organic coated steels for roofing applications

ArcelorMittal's range of organic coated Granite® steel for roofing offers a combination of a variety of textures and rich colours. For example: Granite® Storm works impeccably in demanding conditions, Granite® Ultramat offers a distinctive texture and matt finish, and Granite® Impression Cloudy is a steel with unique aesthetics including an appearance resembling natural materials such as clay or terracotta. These coatings are extremely durable and are corrosion and UV resistant.