BP2.eu® are a Polish manufacturer of complete roofing solutions with four integrated production plants in Poland and Romania. Their BP2.eu® range includes ZET® and IZI® modular tiles available as part of the MODULAR SERIES, compact and classic tiles from the COMPACT & CLASSIC SERIES, and LAMBDA 2.0® series roof panels. They also offers trapezoidal sheets; wall cassettes; SKRIN® facade cassettes; LINEA® panels, CorePIR®, CorePUR®, and CoreWOOL® sandwich panels, INGURI® gutter systems, and dedicated roof flashings and accessories.

A vital element of their production is the selection of the right components, so BP2.eu® focus on cooperation with the best. Many years of cooperation with ArcelorMittal have resulted in a large number of spectacular projects.

The quality of the steel is a production priority

BP2.eu® pay great attention to the quality of the steel they use and to the guarantees confirmed by laboratory tests. BP2.eu® have their own laboratory where steel is subjected to detailed tests under conditions reflecting several decades of exposure to atmospheric conditions and, therefore, the aging processes. These tests prove that ArcelorMittal coated steel products are highly resistant, which allows them to be covered by long-term guarantees.

A company with traditions

BP2.eu® now consist of a group of companies, but they were first established in 1995 in Kraków. In the beginning, the company was mainly focussed on the sale of roofing materials, but aspirations and the willingness to develop very quickly led to the transformation of the business into a production company. Within a few years, a production plant with modern production lines had been created in Grójec near Kraków.

New development directions and the search for attractive sales markets have brought the company to European markets. Initially, the sale of products covered the countries of Central Europe, but then the company entered the Romanian market where the IM-PRO.RO® brand was established in the Cluj-Napoca economic zone. The newly created production plant there, which is part of the BP2.eu® group, is an exact copy of the plant in Grójec. In 2015, the dynamic development of the company resulted in the establishment of another BP2.EU® production plant in Dąbrowa Górnicza, Poland, and in 2017 a fully functional branch manufacturing IMPRO.RO® sandwich panels in Timisoara, Romania was acquired.

All four integrated plants work closely together to form an international production and logistics network.

Education is fundamental

Education and consumer awareness are common goals of BP2.eu® and ArcelorMittal, so the companies have joined forces in the field of education and marketing. The result of this cooperation is a series of BP2 SteelStories animated videos exploring the main issues related to the production of roofing, laboratory work, coatings and their advantages, as well as the aging processes of steel and the methods available to prevent them.

In 2018, BP2.eu®, as a pioneer on the market, began training entrepreneurs in the use of its products via their AKADEMIA MISTRZÓW (MASTERS ACADEMY). The training started out in stationary form, but was soon transformed into a mobile version. Since its start, the MASTERS ACADEMY have trained several thousand roofers from all over Europe.

BP2.eu® are planning further educational projects. Currently, they are focussed on supporting industry schools as part of the PSD Zawód Przyszłość Dekarz (Roofers of the Future) initiative as one of the sponsors. It is extremely important that young roofers receive support and the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge as this helps them to become experts in their field in a short period of time. The training of master roofers is also important due to the constantly changing market and technological innovations.

BP2.eu® will continue to organise practical trainings through which participants will be kept up to date with the changing realities. The overall development of the company and their customers will help the roofing industry maintain its incredible pace of development.

BP2.eu® are a partner of ArcelorMittal's Roofing configurator

BP2.eu® are also ArcelorMittal's partner in an innovative tool for roofing design. The Roofing configurator tool not only allows you to choose the profile and colour of the roof for a specific project - it also gives you the option to transform the coverage of an existing roof or to calculate the roof slope area.