Since 1995, BP2 has been a respected manufacturer of complete solutions for residential and industrial construction. The company has five production sites in Poland (Kraków, Dąbrowa Górnicza), Slovakia (Košice), and Romania (Cluj Napoca, Timișoara) and offers services via its Steel Service Centre.

BP2 offers a complete range of products dedicated to residential and industrial construction, such as roofing, structural profiles, facade systems, sandwich panels, wall cassettes, and gutter systems, in addition to specialised steel processing services within its Steel Service Centre. BP2 is the creator of the SOLROOF integrated photovoltaic roof brand and products. The company is constantly expanding its product range, adapting to market requirements and technological developments.

A key stage in production is the selection of the right components, which is why BP2 relies on working with the best. Long-standing cooperation with ArcelorMittal has resulted in a large number of spectacular projects.

A focus on testing

BP2 attaches great importance to the quality of its products on offer, which is why it has set up its own professional laboratories in Poland, Slovakia, and Romania where both the products and the materials from which they are made are rigorously tested. The steel is subjected to detailed tests under conditions reflecting several decades of exposure to atmospheric conditions and, consequently, sheet ageing processes. These tests prove that products made from ArcelorMittal's coated steels are highly resistant, which allows them to be covered by long-term guarantees.

BP2 and ArcelorMittal's Roofing configurator

BP2 has partnered with ArcelorMittal on an innovative tool for roofing design. The Roofing configurator not only allows you to choose the profile and colour of the roof for a specific project - it also gives you the option to transform the coverage of an existing roof or to calculate roof slope area.

SOLROOF integrated photovoltaic roof

SOLROOF is an innovative photovoltaic system that was developed in response to the growing demand for clean energy. It is fully integrated into the roofing and, thanks to a proprietary design, allows for unique roof aesthetics and the use of different forms and shapes that are not possible with a traditional photovoltaic installation. The system uses the highest quality materials, including Granite® organic coated steel from ArcelorMittal.

The combination of panels creates a seamless, harmonious roof surface, giving the building an aesthetically pleasing and modern appearance. The SOLROOF integrated photovoltaic roof is a new innovation that offers architects unlimited design possibilities and clients an exceptional visual effect, efficiency, comfort, and safety. All of this is made possible with one product, one installation, one warranty, and one service.

A comprehensive company

Residential construction
BP2 manufactures modular and compact steel roofing tiles and corresponding cut-to-size sheet products. The company also offers three innovative roof panel models, as well as a wide range of trapezoidal and corrugated sheets. Its range is completed by gutter systems and dedicated roof flashings and accessories.  

Industrial construction  
BP2's offer includes a wide cross-section of products designed for industrial applications, such as production plants, outbuildings, or commercial and sports facilities. The company offers comprehensive solutions for industrial construction, such as trapezoidal sheets and SINUS corrugated sheets, wall cladding, and facade cassettes. Its offer also includes sandwich panels with PIR, PUR, and WOOL filling. Products dedicated to industrial construction are also available in perforated versions on request. The available solutions have high-quality technical features that make it possible to use them in even the most demanding industrial applications.

Steel Service Centre  
BP2’s Steel Service Centre was created for customers looking for materials with specific properties and processing levels. The company ensures constant availability of a wide range of BP2 recommended steel grades, thicknesses, and coatings and handles individual orders with any specifications. Processing includes recoiling, slitting, and cross-cutting, as well as protection with protective films. Cutting can be done into sheets or customised forms with dimensions specified by the customer. The service centre offers perforation of sheets with metallic and organic coatings and also accepts orders using materials from customers, ensuring optimum utilisation thanks to the high quality of its production processes.

A focus on education

The BP2 Academy of Masters is an in-house programme of practical training courses run by master roofer Waldemar Piela. The training courses provide a platform for the exchange of experience and mutual support in an effort to optimise work and improve the qualifications of roofers.

BP2 is keen to share knowledge and at the same time listen to the needs of roofers. The modern, fully adapted, and equipped training rooms that are dedicated to the Academy of Masters are places where theory and practice come together in the pursuit of perfection. Academy of Masters training rooms have been opened in Dąbrowa Górnicza, Poland and Cluj Napoca, Romania.

BP2 has been thriving in the European market since 1995. As a manufacturer of metal roofing, the company is aware of the importance of supporting its customers with innovative products, which is why it places a strong emphasis on educating more roofing professionals.