Ateliers 3S

Ateliers 3S create contemporary looks for urban areas with their cladding applications and the goal of ensuring that each building is unique. Created in 2012, Ateliers 3S work closely with architects who are building or refurbishing buildings in the centres of cities around Europe. Using organic coated steels from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products, Ateliers 3S have developed their range of signature products specifically for the urban environment. As well as supplying material to major projects, Ateliers 3S also provide solutions to individuals who are extending or refurbishing their existing homes.

A sample of our collaboration

An example of the partnership between Ateliers 3S and ArcelorMittal can be seen in the Floirac project. Ateliers 3S supplied over 20 000 m2 of panels from their Cadence® range to clad 17 towers of housing units in the south-west of France. The panels were made from ArcelorMittal’s Granite® HDS in three different shades.

The architects’ specifications required a material which could insulate each building and give them a more modern and aesthetic appearance. Like all steel facades, the panels are maintenance-free. Due to the use of Granite® HDS on the steel, the Cadence® panels are guaranteed to remain beautiful for at least 30 years.

Ateliers 3S is proud to benefit from ArcelorMittal XCarb® green steel certificates

“Ateliers 3S is proud to be the first customer to benefit from ArcelorMittal’s XCarb® green steel certificates. Design and innovation in building with steel have been the key pillars of the first decade of our business. Today, the environment and sustainable development are at the heart of Ateliers 3S’ concerns. The XCarb® green steel certificate allows us to report a reduction in our Scope 3 CO2 emissions, something that has never been seen in our sector. They represent an important step forward on Ateliers 3S’ road to carbon neutrality.” (Julien Faisandier, CEO of Ateliers 3S, and Jean Christophe Vigouroux, owner of Ateliers 3S.)

Ateliers 3S fundamentals

Ateliers 3S develop their ranges and assist architects based on three fundamental pillars:

  1. Make beautiful: Steel can be remarkable if we give it the means to be.
  2. Be economically accessible: Good products need to meet the needs of a range of project budgets.
  3. Be easy to use: Construction companies should be able to use their products with ease.

Stimulated by Starck

Ateliers 3S began with a revolutionary range of metal cladding in collaboration with designer Philippe Starck.

As Julien Faisandier, managing director of Ateliers 3S, explains, “the idea for Ateliers 3S came when Jean-Christophe Vigouroux, CEO of the parent company Bacacier, met France’s best-known contemporary designer – Philippe Starck. That inspired us to create the Starck® range, the first in the Ateliers 3S portfolio.” In addition to being aesthetic, this range of stamped pattern cladding is fully customisable. Singling out your building and giving identity to its brand and its facades also becomes possible for measured budgets.

Philippe Starck notes that “Ateliers 3S cladding offers an infinite set of construction... By varying imprints, patterns, materials, and colours, we have created a Meccano-type building system that will become an amazing tool for architects".

Working together to create stunning facades

From the Starck® range, the Ateliers 3S offerings expanded to include many more such as Cadence® and Epure®. Like the Starck® range, these products are based on different steels from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products. The selected grades depend on the requisite aesthetics of the customer and the local environment. For these purposes, Ateliers 3S frequently use Granite® HDS and HDX, particularly in metallic colours.

Their Cadence® range includes 11 profiles with squared standing seams and 11 profiles with triangular seams. The products can be mixed and matched to create a specific design. The finish of these panels can be very tactile thanks to the use of ArcelorMittal products such as Granite® Quartz.

Their Epure® range is a standing seam solution that utilises Granite® Storm. It gives architects four zinc colour options and standing seam panels in four different widths. The colours and widths used on a facade can be mixed to create repeating or random patterns of seams and/or colours.

As Julien Faisandier points out, the consistency of ArcelorMittal’s offer is a major factor for Ateliers 3S. As it can sometimes take up to 18 months for an architect to place an order, it is vital that the aesthetics of the steel remain constant. Ateliers 3S value the fact ArcelorMittal produce consistent products.

In addition, Ateliers 3S have expressed appreciation for the support from ArcelorMittal’s Global R&D teams. As Julien Faisandier notes, ArcelorMittal “provide a wealth of samples and advice at every stage in our development cycle. For example, they helped with the saline tests we needed to conduct before the products could be placed on the market. We also appreciate the availability of the sales and technical teams, particularly when it comes to testing new steels.”