InQuik is an Australian company with an innovative method for quick and cost-effective concrete bridge construction. Their globally patented technology utilises Magnelis® from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products to create the formwork of a bridge, which is then filled with concrete to create the bridge deck.

A simple solution

InQuik bridges can easily be transported anywhere in the world. The solution makes building a bridge quick, simple, low-risk, and cost-effective.

Compared to a conventional reinforced concrete bridge, the InQuik system is up to 90 percent more steel intensive. However, the bridges are more cost-effective as they can be prefabricated, installation time is significantly lower, and construction can be carried out with low-skilled labour. As Logan Mullaney of InQuik explains: “InQuik bridges are standardised, pre-certified, and can be mass-produced. And it is possible to transport an entire bridge on one semi-trailer. You just back the truck up to the site, install the components, and then fill them with concrete. It only takes a small crane and a few days to build the bridge. Customers typically save between 20 and 50 percent compared to a conventional bridge due to the lower installation time and work, low risk, and less cranage.”

With hundreds of thousands of bridges needing replacement around the world, the potential for the InQuik system is enormous.

Magnelis®: Durability and corrosion resistance

A key challenge that InQuik faced when coming up with their system was to identify a good material for the formwork which holds the concrete until it dries completely. Their first thought was galvanised steel, but rust was concern and a more durable solution was needed. InQuik was introduced to Magnelis® as a solution to this challenge. “Magnelis® allows us to leave the formwork of the bridge in place as it has an aesthetically pleasing finish – and it is durable,” says Logan Mullaney.

The Magnelis® formwork helps to contain plasticisers and water-soluble chemicals which occur in the concrete. Magnelis® ensures the preservation of natural resources as it uses significantly less zinc than pure zinc coatings. Zinc runoff is also reduced dramatically compared to galvanised steels.

Magnelis® extends service life

Although the bridges are designed for a service life of 100 years, experts believe that the use of Magnelis® could double that without the need for significant maintenance. Magnelis® offers protection to the concrete deck. Due to the fact that the formwork remains, the concrete and internal reinforcing steel are protected from corrosion thanks to Magnelis®.

An award-winning design

The innovative design of the InQuik system was recognised when it won the 2019 T.C. Graham Prize from the Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST).