Meko Metal

Turkish company Meko Metal started life as a producer of standard tubes and hollow sections. When the business was acquired by the KMC Group around a decade ago, investments were made which allowed Meko Metal to begin manufacturing special and value-added profiles. As a result, the company now produces ArcelorMittal Magnelis® rails, channels, beams, tubes, and profiles for solar installations, tracker systems, agricultural applications, prefabricated housing, and HVAC applications. “This makes Meko Metal a unique global supplier,” notes Ziya Eren, President of the KMC Group. “Thanks to our high capabilities, we can produce profiles for different sectors simultaneously.”

Meko Metal actively promotes Magnelis® with ArcelorMittal co-marketing

Meko Metal began a campaign to help customers understand the benefits of Magnelis®. Serkan Gürler, Vice President of the KMC Group, says that “Meko Metal has worked hard to convince our customers to use Magnelis® in their applications. We started by branding Magnelis® as ‘MekoMag’. We are collaborating with ArcelorMittal on co-marketing materials such as brochures and newsletters to spread the message about this remarkable coating as far as possible.”

As a result of Meko Metal’s efforts, Magnelis® has been embraced by their customers from many different industries. “We work with a major global company active in the construction, energy, and manufacturing industries,” says Serkan Gürler. “After eight months of tests and discussions they switched around a third of their products to Magnelis® as a trial. After seeing the benefits of this unique coating, they now request Magnelis® in most applications.”

Magnelis® offers long-term protection against corrosion in many applications. For Meko Metal’s solar industry customers, the guarantee of up to 25 years is a major benefit. As Serkan Gürler explains, “it assures them they will be able to obtain an adequate return on their investment.”

Stocking Magnelis® for expediency

Meko Metal maintains its own high stock levels of Magnelis® to ensure their customers have easy access, thus reducing lead times as the demand is so strong. Meko Metal obtains coils of Magnelis® coated material from ArcelorMittal’s mills in Germany, Belgium, and Spain. “Thanks to our warehouse of material, we can offer customers just-in-time deliveries. We also provide this service for ArcelorMittal’s HyPer® high strength structural steels,” notes Serkan Gürler.

ArcelorMittal Orange Book

Meko Metal also makes use of ArcelorMittal’s Orange Book, a website dedicated to helping design engineers reduce the weight of their structures and optimise structural, environmental, and economic performance.