Metpol, present on the Polish market for over 25 years, is the first company in Poland to produce a complete range of accessories and profiles for plasterboard systems, plasters, and insulation. For years, contractors have been using the steel products that Metpol manufactures from materials supplied by ArcelorMittal. One of the company's most valued products are corner beads for plastering, made from Magnelis®-coated steel.

The latest solutions

Metpol conducts development research aimed primarily at improving their products so that a contractor can be sure that they are using products of the highest quality. One of the results of this is the launch of steel products featuring the Magnelis® coating.

Quality first

The Metpol range includes 12 product groups in over 300 different versions. The company has four production facilities with a total area of 7500 m² and a high-storage warehouse with an area of 1500 m².

The flagship products are plasterboard profiles for ceilings and walls that are valued by contractors and available in various sheet thicknesses. For years, the company has also been expanding their range of products for plastering – corner beads and subplaster screeds.

Satisfying the highest requirements of its customers, the company controls both the quality of the raw material processed in the production phrase and the final product, which goes to the contractors.

A long-term and fruitful partnership

In 2013, Metpol launched products with ArcelorMittal’s anti-corrosive Magnelis® ZM175 coating in 0.5 mm thickness. As a manufacturer of plastering accessories, Metpol confirms that this coating is unmatched in the fight against corrosion. This is proven by the number of complaint submissions for corner beads which quickly fell to zero and has remained so since 2015.

At the beginning of 2019, Metpol launched the production of concealed corner beads for very demanding applications. ArcelorMittal proposed a 0.6 mm thick Magnelis® ZM430 coating that has even better properties.

A trial batch of 20 tonnes of this material was produced at the ArcelorMittal production plant in Avilés, Spain and delivered to Poland in August 2019. Over the next few months, the material was tested in a salt chamber at the Instytut Techniki Budowlanej (Building Research Institute). The results of the tests proved to be very positive. In December 2019, the first production of corner beads from new material was launched, which was then implemented into regular production.

Innovative Magnelis® coating: tests confirm high corrosion resistance

The chemical composition of Magnelis® has been optimised to obtain the best anti-corrosion properties. The coating contains a mixture of 3.5% aluminium and 3% magnesium. It is this 3% magnesium additive that is the key ingredient. It is thanks to this that a stable and strong coating forms on the entire surface of the steel. This guarantees much more effective corrosion protection than coatings with a lower magnesium content.

Metpol commissioned comparative testing of corner beads in a salt chamber. The results are crystal clear - only Magnelis®-coated corner beads withstood up to 240 hours without signs of rust. Other corner beads, selected from those available on the market, showed signs of rust within 96 hours.

The Magnelis® coating is a solution that ensures a contractor work comfort and prevents corrosion. For years, Metpol has been looking for a solution to the problem of corrosion on corner beads. It was only thanks to Magnelis® that the fight against corrosion proved effective.

Currently, Metpol uses Magnelis®-coated steel in the production of all of their corner beads and subplaster screeds.