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Enamelled steels

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Enamelled steel used in facade, architectural panels, or tunnel siding is a material that fully meets modern-day expectations in terms of durability, iconic aesthetics, hygiene, and respect for the environment.

Enamelled steel grades recommended by ArcelorMittal for these applications are mainly:

  • HC300EK with thicknesses from 0.5 to 2 mm and widths up to 1680 mm. HC300EK Grade is especially suitable for architectural panels as its mechanical performances are equivalent to those of structural steel grades. The guaranteed minimum yield strength after 5% deformation and enamel firing is 300 MPa.
  • Solfer® range from 0.5 to 2 mm thicknesses with a width range up to 1800mm and minimum yield strength of 140 MPa.

Other steel grades and thicknesses can be suggested if required in the design of the project.

A traditional material for modern living

With enamelled steels, architects and designers have an opportunity to create enduring colourful designs for contemporary architectural projects. Steel contributes to the mechanical strength and formability, while enamel provides durability and a beautiful glossy appearance.

Enamelled steels are a unique range of solutions with:

  •     Perfect flatness of the facade envelope & a surface free of any defects after enamel firing due to specific steel grades recommended by ArcelorMittal Europe
  •     Very good chemical resistance
  •     Excellent resistance to abrasion and scratching
  •     Outstanding resistance to corrosion and ultraviolet (UV) light
  •     Resistance to the effects of atmospheric pollution & fire resistance
  •     Hygiene & ease of cleaning characteristics
  •     Resistance to harsh weather conditions; enamelled panels are insensitive to extreme cold (-50°C) and very hot temperatures (above 50°C)
  •     A wide array of colours and finishes

Enamelled steels can be used in the interiors of public places like railway or metro stations, but also airports, shopping centres, and even hospitals.

Enamelled steels can offer a virtually unlimited scope for architectural panels and building facades with remarkable durability and sustainability performances.

Enamelled steel: A timeless and durable material for contemporary architecture

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