ST® Lumière

Siding and facing

ST® Lumière

Technical details

  • Its perforations envelope the building with a special effect of shade and light.
  • The relief patterned and perforated sheets are available in pre-coated steel, stainless steel, Kristal®, or aluminium. The width of 300 mm can be adapted to dimensional constraints on site.
  • Can be used as over-roofing, sunscreen, interior design, or facade cladding.
  • A special profile type can be placed as grating.
  • Maximum length: 6 m
  • Gauge: Coated steel - 1 mm. Aluminium also possible - 1.5 mm.
  • The cladding can be installed directly on the load-bearing structure or as external rain screen cladding fixed onto liner trays connected to the main framework and provided with insulation and sub-framing.

A fresh look at sun screens

ST® Lumière provides any roof or facade with a new dimension and protects it from direct sunlight. Straight or wreathed, the perforated panels ensure flowing lines and shapes for the structure created by the designer.

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