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Among the various solutions suited for agricultural buildings, we especially propose:

  • Granite® Farm organic coated, to answer agriculture’s increasing demand for long life corrosion resistance roofing and cladding solutions,
  • Magnelis® metallic coated steels for main and secondary frame made of cold formed sections, such as purlins, which could also be provided with high resistance steels, as well as for internal equipment like trays or greenhouse construction,
  • complete range of Ondatherm® sandwich panels for thermal insulation of animal husbandry buildings such as poultries,
  • Komet® profile to combine roofing and solar solutions.

In addition to the listed above, we also offer heavy gauge galvanized steels and enamelled steels for silos, as well as a full range of sections for structural frame.

At ArcelorMittal Europe, we provide technical assistance to agricultural building solution manufacturers, especially regarding the right choice for long life durability and best in class environmental solutions.


In the past, agricultural buildings were generally considered “low value” construction. That, however, is no longer the case. The space and facility requirements vary according to the specific products that the farmers produce.

Agricultural buildings are subject to strong constraints regarding environmental performances, animal health & comfort, as well as durability. As an industry leader in manufacturing steel products, ArcelorMittal Europe provides a range of solutions for agricultural buildings accommodating virtually any requirements or application.

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