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ArcelorMittal is offering a full range of solutions for safety barriers and related devices:

  • High performance metallic coatings, Magnelis®. The excellent corrosion behaviour of Magnelis® has been proven in outdoor tests. Magnelis® also offers protection for edges.
  • High Strength Low Alloy steels enable safety barrier manufacturers to increase competitiveness by 15 to 20 percent thanks to better controlled properties. Their mechanical properties are more controlled than those of structural steels, providing better test result reliability and optimal safety.

The combination of different steel qualities & coatings enables barrier makers to design tailor-made solutions, which exactly fulfil the different requirements of the standard. Our R&D department is a centre of technical excellence for safety barrier design.

  • ArcelorMittal Ostrava is offering a full range of safety barriers solutions in accordance with European standard EN1317.

Moreover, ArcelorMittal released an EPD - Environmental Product Declaration, certified by IBU – Institut für Bauen und Umwelt, combining Magnelis® coating and High Strength Steels in order to demonstrate best in class results for environmental impacts.

ArcelorMittal is therefore the partner of choice to ensure solutions development to improve safety on roads.

Safety Barriers

ArcelorMittal’s extensive worldwide knowledge allows it to propose best in class solutions for safety barriers and road safety equipment. As such, we are a member of ERF – European Road Federation and STA – Smart Transportation Alliance, organizations active in road safety improvements.

Forgiving roadsides are created in order to limit the severity of accidents while driving off road, as 70 people lose their lives on European roads every day.

The development of innovative road safety solutions is therefore an urgent priority to reduce the number of deaths and injuries on roads. Safety systems must be adapted to local traffic conditions, whether on motorways or in urban areas.

As the road traffic is constantly increasing, the average level of containment required is increasing as well. For that reason, it is of major interest to consider the advantages of high strength steels, regarding safety behaviour in case of crash.

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