Iconic roof structure with ArcelorMittal steel: Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Opened in 2010, the Ferrari World is the world's largest indoor theme park characterized by its enormous red roof structure. It presented an architectural challenge on all levels: due to its scale, the location and the purpose a revolutionary design solution was required. ArcelorMittal's International Construction Projects Team provided technical assistance and expertise - and tubular steel products for the roof structure.

Detailed information

Sitting beneath its iconic red roof in the heart of Yas Island, the world’s first Ferrari theme park is largest attraction of its kind. The Park pays tribute to the brand: the passion, excellence, performance and technical innovation that Ferrari has established over the years and represents today.

To house this state of the art leisure attraction, world renowned architectural firm Benoy created a building to reflect the sinuous form of a Ferrari, directly inspired by the classic double curve side profile of the Ferrari GT body.

Due to the shape of the island and the location of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi in close proximity to the airport, the building was conceived as a very simple ‘ground hugging’ form, peeling up from the landscape in flowing lines like a red sand dune. The visually distinctive form and shape crowns the Yas Marina Circuit and due to its location, the sleek shape and beauty of the building is visible for anyone driving past or flying over the Island. The building is a true architectural expression of the values of the Ferrari brand itself.

The building offers a total usable space of 176.000 sqm on 3 levels on a plot measuring more than 700.000 sqm, the actual theme park offering 86.000 sqm. The building stands 50m above sea level, the central shot ride achieves 62,5 m in and is the highest permitted structure in the area of the airport.

The iconic roof

The total surface of the roof is more than 200.000 sqm, with a diametre of more than 700 meters and a 2.200 m perimeter. The Ferrari logo on the roof is 65 m long and with a total of 3.000 sqm the biggest Ferrari logo ever created.

The expansive, 48 metre high roof structure is punctuated by a vast glazed crystal-like funnel measuring 100 metres in diameter at the top, pulling down to just 17 metres diameter at its base.

The central funnel roof is supported on 12 primary columns which form a 12-point Arabic star pattern that is used to describe the primary geometry of the overall roof space and extends out to meet the primary raked shield façade.

The steel roof is highly insulated, the main façade is made of efficient glass to reduce the thermal loads and glare.

Apart from the steel tubes for the roof supporting space structure, ArcelorMittal supplied the organic coated steel for the metal decking:  Hairplus 25/10 coated steel was used for the 91.000 sqm of perforated sheets and Hairexcel 60/15 for the 90.500 sqm of non-perforated sheets. Furthermore, ArcelorMittal's International Construction Projects Team provided technical assistance.

More than 12.000 tonnes of steel were used for the roof structure that was finished a bit more than a year after the construction started. The construction of the whole building was finished in 2 years.

Brand theme park

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi offers more than 20 rides inlcuding the world's fastest roller coaster “Formula Rossa”. It is the main feature on the 2.500 hectare Yas Island dedicated to leisure, entertainment and lifestyle in the UAE.

Project Information

  • Abu Dhabi
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Architect:
    Benoy Architects
  • 2008 - 2010
  • Client:
    Aldar Properties
  • Engineering Firm:
  • Contractor:
  • Photographer:
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