European sections


Technical information

  • I beams from 80 to 750 mm height
  • H beams from 100 to 1100 mm height
  • U beams from 80 to 400 mm height
  • HD wide flange columns more than 1300 kg/m
  • Steel grades up to S460 MPa yield strength with improved weldability and toughness (HISTAR®)
  • Steel grades for specific required performances like elevated service temperatures or very high requirement levels like offshore platforms

XCarb® recycled and renewably produced

Widest range of dimensions and steel grades

ArcelorMittal's European steel sections come in a wide range of shapes, dimensions, and steel grades including high strength steels. European sections are used for large and small scale building structures, bridges, and other types of ironworks.

European section range:

  • IPE European I beams
  • IPN European standard beams
  • HE European wide flange beams
  • HLZ European extra wide flange beams
  • HL European extra wide flange beams
  • HD Wide flange columns
  • HP Wide flange bearing piles
  • UPE Channels with parallel flanges
  • UPN European standard channels

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