Yearly energy output equivalent to the consumption of 440 000 Portuguese households

The Tâmega River hydroelectric complex will be comprised of three dams (named Gouvães, Daivões, and Alto Tâmega) and will have a combined power of 1158 megawatts (MW). Once fully operational, Iberdrola estimate a total of 1766 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity will be produced each year - the equivalent of the consumption of 440 000 Portuguese households. This supply of clean energy will omit approximately 1.2m tonnes of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and reduce consumption of oil by 160 000 tonnes.

Tâmega giga-battery: one of the largest hydroelectric projects developed in Europe in the last 25 years

In the north of Portugal, almost halfway between Porto and the Spanish town Ourense, the Tâmega River hydropower complex is being developed on the Tâmega River by Spanish power company Iberdrola Generación. Three dams and three hydroelectric plants are being constructed and are one of the largest constructions of this type in Europe in the last 25 years with a total investment cost of €1.5 billion.

ArcelorMittal steel fibres reinforced shotcrete used for underground galleries

Over 500 t of ArcelorMittal high performance steel fibres have been supplied for this project. ArcelorMittal's HE55/35 and FE60/36 fibres have been used to reinforce the underground galleries via shotcrete methods and to construct a robust encasement to protect and cover the steel pipes used to transfer the water.

The construction of the three new dams and hydroelectric plants is developing at a good pace and in line with the timetable set out at the beginning of the project. With two thirds of the work already completed, the complex should be fully complete in 2023 - nine years after initial construction began.

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