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For renewable energy:

  • Magnelis® metallic coated steel for solar frames, Granite® HDS and Granite® HDX organic coated steels for roofing solutions.
  • Komet® profile - particularly suitable for PV module installation on steel roofing.
  • Heavy plates structural steels with thicknesses up to 100mm & Amstrong® high strength steel coils and sheets from S460 to S500MC and thicknesses up to 25mm for wind towers.
  • Stainless duplex steels for dams and hydroelectric construction.

For nuclear and fossil fuel-based energy:

  • Heavy plates offshore grades - used for offshore & oil platforms.
  • 16Mo3 alloyed steel for elevated service temperature - particularly effective when used in powerplant equipment, exhaust systems, hot machine parts, or incineration plants.

In addition, our steel solutions are also used for the transport and distribution of electricity:

  • Widest range of angles and hot rolled flat products for power distribution pylons and towers.

ArcelorMittal Europe is constantly improving its products and offers to continue providing the best in class solutions for the energy sector.


Energy is an essential part of development. The International Energy Agency (IEA) forecasts a 30% rise in global energy demand by 2040. Regardless of the source, steel is playing a crucial role in producing and distributing energy, as well as improving energy efficiency.

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Solutions by


As the leading provider of steel solutions for the energy sector, ArcelorMittal Europe offers a wide range of solutions for each type of energy production.

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