Magnelis® ZM120 applications

While the primary application under consideration was the use of Magnelis® on cold formed sections used in light steel framing, Magnelis® ZM120 is already widely used to manufacture cable trays, flooring systems, indoor ventilation equipment, ceilings, walls and partitions, racking systems, profiled members, and opened and closed profiles.

Magnelis® can be applied to an extensive scope of steel grades, including steels for cold forming and deep drawing applications, as well as structural and high strength, low alloy steels.

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Steel Construction Institute reports on Magnelis® ZM120 corrosion protection

A report from the Steel Construction Institute (SCI) describes their independent review of the performance of the Magnelis® ZM120 coating for corrosion protection. An innovative metallic coating that offers protection in the harshest environments, Magnelis® is a ZM (zinc-aluminium-magnesium) coating in accordance with EN 10346:2015.

Review of Magnelis® coating performance as corrosion protection

The SCI report details the performance of Magnelis® ZM120 coating against corrosion compared with traditional Z275 coating and includes the surface, cut edges, deformed elements, and welded tubes. This independent review and assessment was conducted via a wide range of testing, such as salt-spray tests according to ISO 9227, cyclic tests VDA 621-415 and ECC1, and outdoor exposure tests of up to 10 years.

Conclusions and recommendations

As a result of the performance review and assessment of research information, the SCI findings are as follows:

  • Magnelis® ZM120 provides corrosion protection which is not less than the corrosion protection provided by Z275 coating.
  • This conclusion applies to surface protection and to protection of cut edges.
  • Magnelis® ZM120 is suitable for the same applications as the Z275 coating which is typically specified in UK and Irish construction.
  • The design life predictions for the Z275 coating as stated in SCI publication P262 are also applicable to Magnelis® ZM120.