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“We see steel as a timeless, sustainable, robust, and durable product which gives us the opportunity to offer a globally unique profile which is entirely made from steel,” says Willi Lüchinger, CEO of the Forster Group. “Unlike other profile makers, Forster does not use a plastic web to connect the two half-shells of a profile. Instead, we use a specially designed stainless-steel web. This improves the recyclability of the product, and its stability, without restricting the thermal properties of the system.”

About Forster Profilsysteme

Forster is an internationally renowned supplier of high-quality steel doors, windows, and facades. Founded in 1874, Forster has transformed from being a steel profile manufacturer to a world-leading system supplier. In 2024, the company will move its headquarters to a new purpose-built facility in Romanshorn, Switzerland.

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Why does Forster choose Magnelis® for its doors, windows, and facades?

Forster Profilsysteme is a world-leading supplier of steel profiles for doors, windows, and facades. The company utilises Magnelis® from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products to create its all-steel solutions which are free of plastics. The self-healing properties of Magnelis® offer exceptional corrosion protection during transport and storage of the profiles. Welding operations are also simplified with Magnelis®, enabling Forster to create high-quality and durable profiles. To enhance the sustainability of its operations, Forster is currently building a state-of-the-art headquarters which will bring together production, administration, and sales. And wherever possible, they’re utilising ArcelorMittal steels.

Magnelis® offers easy weldability and protection

Forster has offered Magnelis® solutions since they became aware of the unique steel coating in 2015. “In our business, the zinc-aluminium-magnesium Magnelis® coating is primarily there to provide corrosion protection in transport and storage,” says Willi Lüchinger, CEO of the Forster Group. “But the biggest benefit of Magnelis® to us is the quality of the welding process. It is almost as easy to weld as black steel.”

The company sees the innovative strength of ArcelorMittal and the relationship as central advantages says Willi Lüchinger: “ArcelorMittal products such as Magnelis®, and initiatives such as XCarb®, show that the partnership is based on a common mindset. They are also an important building block in realising our own ambitions for even more mindful and sustainable use of our world’s resources.”

Sustainability is a key driver in Forster’s business as Willi Lüchinger explains: “Dealing with resources in a mindful way is part of our DNA. We are currently undergoing a company-wide process to evaluate where and how we can reduce our carbon footprint further, and ArcelorMittal’s XCarb® initiative is part of that discussion. Obtaining XCarb® green steel certificates for the steel we buy from ArcelorMittal could be a game changer, and a major step towards a greener future.”

Solutions deployed in new builds and renovations

Forster products have been deployed in both new builds and renovation projects, and their profiles are sold around the world though Europe remains the company’s leading market. Most of Forster’s main system profiles are made from flat steels supplied by ArcelorMittal.

The main customers for Forster’s products are metal fabricators who create profiles based on the designs of architects and building owners. The profiles are turned into window, door, or facade solutions by specialist fabricators. “We train the fabricators in the optimal processing techniques for our systems and provide technical support,” notes Willi Lüchinger.

With sustainability and the future firmly in mind, Forster has begun construction of a new headquarters in Romanshorn, Switzerland. “It will be known as the Forster Campus and includes a new showroom, training and customer centre, offices, and production. The facade of the office building, all doors and windows, and all glazed partition walls are made from our products – hence they contain a lot of flat steel from ArcelorMittal.”

Projects with Forster products:

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