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As a key leader in providing steel solutions for construction, ArcelorMittal Europe is offering best in class solutions to doors and windows manufacturers:

  • Granite® and Estetic® prepainted steel, which can meet varying needs of domestic doors such as garage doors, are both are an excellent solution when visual appeal is of major importance. Also great for heavy use industrial doors where high resistance and corrosion protection are crucial.
  • Organic coated steels can be combined with high resistant steel grades to ensure mechanical resistance.
  • Metallic coated steels, such as Magnelis®, protect components from corrosion during transport and storage in addition to guaranteeing durability in more aggressive environments.
  • Indaten® weathering steel, especially popular in Italy for residential housing doors and windows, combines durability and aesthetics in accordance with local tradition.
  • R2P - Ready to Paint is used by door manufacturers to simplify their fabrication process and ensure durability and mechanical performances of insulated doors.

Other solutions, such as galvanised steel, are suggested for reinforcing doors and window frames, while enamelled steels are suited for doors in specific environments such as hospitals.

Our Technical Assistance Department is at your disposal to offer best in class solutions for door and window manufacturers.

Doors & windows

Doors and windows play an essential part in ensuring a building’s performance when it comes to energy consumption, internal comfort, and safety. In addition, they are becoming an increasingly crucial factor in building aesthetics.

Enabling slim, light, safe, and sustainable solutions, steel is one of the preferred materials for doors and windows.

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