Successes for sustainable construction at BAU

ArcelorMittal took part in BAU, a major event for the construction and building industry, in Munich from 17-22 April, showcasing its latest high-performance steel products, XCarb® range of sustainable steels, and cooperations dedicated to construction.


Published: 27 April 2023

Cooperations featuring XCarb® recycled and renewably produced steel

Two exciting new cooperations were announced during the event:

  • ArcelorMittal has joined forces with BP2, a manufacturer of complete solutions for residential construction, to supply low carbon emissions steel for BP2’s latest product, the SOLROOF integrated photovoltaic roof.
  • The VELUX Group has kickstarted cooperation with ArcelorMittal as part of its efforts to halve value chain emissions by 2030. The companies will now work together to lower the carbon footprint of the steels used in VELUX roof windows, aiming to reduce embedded CO2 by up to 70% (depending on the type of steel product used) compared with conventionally produced steel.

High-performance steel products

Flagship ArcelorMittal products presented at the event included:

  • Granite® organic coated steels for building envelopes: available in more than 120 colours and textures and guaranteed for up to 40 years with Granite® HDXtreme
  • Magnelis® metallic coated steel for facade substructures, solar mounting structures, cable trays, composite floors, and many more applications: resists corrosion three times better than regular galvanised steel
  • Ondatherm Solar®: special roof panels for photovoltaic systems
  • Cofraplus® 80 composite floor profiles: approved by building authorities as prefabricated steel floors and with a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to prefabricated concrete slabs
  • high strength HISTAR® steels: providing cost and material savings
  • weather-resistant Arcorox® steel grade: with natural corrosion protection and a long service life

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