Cofraplus® 60/80

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Cofraplus® 60

Cofraplus® 80

Cofraplus® 60/80

Technical information

Cofraplus® floor decks are trapezoidal steel sheets with open ribs and specific embossment to ensure composite action with concrete.

Cofraplus® 60 guarantees economical transportation and quick installation. The deck is normally manufactured from 0.75 mm gauge steel, but also available in 0.88 mm and 1.00 mm. The profile is designed for medium spans (up to 3.6 m) without props over two continuous bays and total slab thicknesses of 100 to 280 mm.

Cofraplus® 80: The newest and greenest member in the Cofraplus® family is available in thicknesses of 0.88, 1.00, 1.13, and 1.25 mm. It offers weight reduction of up to 30% compared to precast slabs and reduces CO2 emission by 15%. With spans up to 4.5 m without props and more than 6.5 m with props, it can be easily stacked and installed. Cofraplus® 80 comes with a wide range of accessories, and the dovetail in the profile allows for the easy fitting of service installations and false ceilings.

The sheets can be pre-punched to pass the shear connectors of composite beams.

ArcelorMittal’s Cofraplus® composite floor deck offers significant weight, time, and cost savings. There are more reasons why it is the best solution for most projects with spans up to 4.5 m without props:

•    Cofraplus® acts as a horizontal wind brace and contributes to the stability of the entire building.
•    The shape of the ribs ensures perfect connection with the concrete.
•    It is a safe working platform before pouring concrete.
•    Substantial savings can be achieved in construction weight, time and, therefore, cost.
•    Fire resistance of 30 minutes without additional reinforcement.
•    Cofraplus® sheets are stackable: easy handling, little storage space, and efficient transport.
•    Manual installation, no cranes are necessary on site.
•    Easy handling and quick installation guarantee the flexibility required in renovation works.
•    Cofraplus® profiles can be made of pre-painted steel.
•    The use of composite floor systems allows for irregular shapes, curves, and special floor openings.
•    The reduced weight facilitates dismantling and recycling at the end of a building's service life.

The web-based design tool Cofra5 is free of charge and offers assistance in the calculation of ArcelorMittal’s composite flooring solutions.

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