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SiCA: Steel in Construction Academy is a self-learning online platform for those in, or joining, the construction industry focussed on the use of steel as the material of choice for construction applications and required performances.

Sustainable and circular construction, composite construction, steel performances, construction physics, applied stability, steel grades and qualities, and mechanical properties are just some of the topics covered in SiCA.

Approximately 80 lectures are currently available with more being added regularly.

New SiCA lecture! Welded connections: weld calculation

Our newest lecture – Welded connections - Basis for weld calculation - is part of the ‘Connection design: static loading’ series in our Steel in Construction Academy.

The basics for the calculation of weld strength are set out in this lecture before delving into the actual stress distribution and the deformability of fillet and butt welds. Some experimental results are presented to show the relevance of the design formulae.


Published: 16 May 2024


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