ArcelorMittal partner Bette, a German sanitary supplier, manufactures high-quality bathroom elements made with enamelled titanium alloy steel. In line with its motto of “Sustainable bathroom products for a dream bathroom,” Bette makes use of ArcelorMittal XCarb® green steel certificates.

Architectural bathroom products with steel

Bette, a family company, has been making architectural bathroom products, such as baths, washbasins, and shower areas with enamelled titanium alloy steel since 1952. The natural material is not only durable, but also extremely light.

Bette exclusively manufactures all of its bathroom products at its production site in Delbrück to ensure precise production and technical sophistication. This includes Bette’s wet-in-wet enamelling process, in which wafer-thin layers of an enamel formulation are combined with a titanium steel body.

CO2-neutral products for a sustainable future

For Bette, products that protect the environment and save resources are an important focus. All of its products are 100% recyclable, and Bette does not use any chemicals or solvents. According to Bette Managing Director Thilo C. Pahl, Bette is “noticing an increasing interest and demand for green products and our efforts and ambitions in the area of sustainable resource management” from its customers.

One of the ways that Bette is meeting their sustainability goals is with XCarb® green steel certificates: “We have ordered the first 1000 tons of steel based on XCarb® green steel certificates for our products…steel produced with a lower carbon footprint fits very well into our own sustainability strategy,” says Thilo C. Pahl.