For over 25 years, Polish company Inter-Max Szczerba Sp.j. has specialised in the production of steel roofing profiles. The company's portfolio includes classic and modular roof tiles, standing seam roof panels, trapezoidal sheets for roofing and facades, and sandwich panels with EPS core. Their headquarters and production plants are located in Pułtusk, Poland. Inter-Max’s domain is speed and precision in order fulfilment!

Inter-Max is a partner of ArcelorMittal's Roofing configurator tool

Inter-Max is also ArcelorMittal's partner in an innovative tool for roofing design. Our Roofing configurator not only allows you to choose the profile and colour of the roof for a specific project, it also gives you the option to transform the coverage of an existing roof or to calculate the roof slope area.

EDI Light System: a new method of electronic communication

For years, ArcelorMittal has been introducing and developing digital tools in cooperation with our clients. These are cross-platform communication channels that allow customers to interact with ArcelorMittal through applications, web services, and electronic tools integrated with their business systems.

The latest of such projects, the EDI Light system, was created in cooperation with Inter-Max. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a method of electronic communication that defines the standards for data interchange by any electronic means. Thanks to this system, Inter-Max now has full transparency of their orders and can respond quickly and effectively to the requests of their customers. This system also provides the option to electronically specify the coating and colour of a product later in the ordering process.

Improvements in planning, production, and logistics

EDI Light integrates the product ordering process with the Inter-Max Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Orders are simpler, easier, more accurate, and faster. It is also possible to exchange documents such as orders, invoices, and shipping notifications electronically. EDI Light also enables automatic input of data from ArcelorMittal sales invoices to the accounting modules of the Inter-Max ERP system. Thanks to this, there is no need to print invoices or manually enter data.

According to the president of Inter-Max, Krzysztof Szczerba, the new system has significantly improved the company's operations. Production and logistics are also now more efficient and precise. As Krzysztof Szczerba notes: “EDI saves our time and money as it prevents the risk of errors made by operators. We no longer have to waste time chasing these errors. This translates into a higher level of organisation in the company and has a positive impact on our economic results."

Profiled sheets of the highest quality steel

Inter-Max uses the latest machinery to profile their products, and the profiled sheets themselves are made of the highest quality steel. The cooperation between ArcelorMittal and Inter-Max dates back to 1992 and since then Inter-Max has been successfully using ArcelorMittal's offer of organic coated steels, including Granite® Quartz, Granite® Ultramat, and Granite® HDX.