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ArcelorMittal offers have been developed to suit the roofing market, especially for metallic tiles:

•    Granite® Ultramat, Granite® Storm, and Granite® Quartz for a high-quality surface finish and long life durability

•    Granite® Impression is a portfolio containing a wide spectrum of possible combinations:

  • Granite® Impression Cloudy recreates the random natural appearance of tiled roofs
  • Granite® Impression Wood offers natural wood appearance and attractive finishes for a range of constructions and details

By being recyclable at a building’s end of life after their long life duration, these provide the perfect sustainable construction solution. Despite their apparent simplicity, pre-painted metallic tiles are the crowning glory on an authentically contemporary building.

Metallic tiles

ArcelorMittal Europe proposes a complete range of solutions for pre-formed steel sheets available in a wide range of colours and textures, which offer an innovative alternative to traditional tile or slate roofing.

In terms of aesthetic quality, steel can easily measure up to tile or slate for roofing.

The wide choice of suitable paints and the intrinsic qualities of the coated steel make it possible to produce traditional roof element shapes using demanding profiling and deep drawing processes. Decorative, durable, and strong, prepainted coated metal tiles offer many advantages of organic coated products in construction applications. From a distance, they are indistinguishable from terracotta, slate, or cement roof tiles.

They can be installed quickly and easily and because they are lighter than ordinary tiles, less material is required. Offering a high degree of toughness, they enhance the quality of the roof and increase its lifespan in environments exposed to inclement weather. Quicker installation means increased productivity and lower labour costs.

The structural rigidity of steel and the production techniques available allow architects and roofing contractors to use very long sections called tile panels. These are lightweight, yet very strong; thus, considerably simplifying the process of building the roof frame.

The advantages of tile panels:

  • Variety of colours and surface finishes
  • Variety of drawing sections
  • Resistance to strong gusts of wind
  • Simplicity and lightness of the structure

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