Cellular beams

Technical information

ACB® beams are fabricated based on the exclusive use of hot rolled sections.
A double cut-out is made in the web by flame cutting. The two obtained T-sections are shifted and rewelded leading to an increase in height.

The obtained structural product has an increased ratio of moment of inertia / weight. For a given section, the diameter and the spacing of openings are variable resulting in an extremely adjustable beam geometry and perfect suitability to project requirements.

Objective: Optimisation of the height/weight ratio
Applications: roofing, gangways/footbridges, wide-span purlins
Common steel grades: S235, S275, S355

Objective: Optimisation of the load/weight ratio
Applications: floors, car parks, offshore structures
Common steel grades: S355, S460, HISTAR® 460

Base profiles:
IPE300 – IPE750, HE240 – HE1000, HL920 – HL1100, HD260 – HD400, UB305 – UB1016, UC305 – UC356, W310 – W1100

Light, aesthetic & functional

The lightweight appearance of ACB® cellular beams combined with their high strength never ceases to inspire architects in new structural forms. The optimised height/weight or load/weight ratio provides effective answers to the demands of project owners.

This solution allows for large uninterrupted spaces with spans of up to 18 metres and technical installations like pipes and ducts that can pass through the beams' circular web openings.

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