Cellular beams

Technical information

Angelina® beams are fabricated based on the exclusive use of hot rolled sections. A single cut-out is made in the web by flame cutting and the two obtained T-sections are shifted and rewelded leading to an increase in height.  The structural product thus obtained has an increased ratio of moment of inertia to weight.

For a given section, height, length, and spacing of openings are variable resulting in extremely adjustable beam geometry and perfect suitability to project requirements.

Objective: Optimisation of height/weight ratio
Applications: roofing, gangways/footbridges, wide-span purlins
Common steel grades: S235, S275, S355

Objective: Optimisation of load/weight ratio
Applications: floors, car parks, offshore structures
Common steel grades: S355, S460, HISTAR® 460

Guidance for design with cellular beams is provided in Eurocode 3 for steel structures and Eurocode 4 for composite structures, including use as flooring or roofing beams, fire safety considerations, and different steel grades (also high strength steels).

ArcelorMittal has developed the ANGELINA pre-design tool which takes into account Eurocode design principles as well as numerical full-scale tests. It allows users to determine optimal system weights based on section size, opening depth, width, and distance in addition to seeing the impact that the use of different steel grades have on the solution.

Base Profiles
IPE300 – IPE750, HE240 – HE1000, HL920 – HL1100, HD260 – HD400, UB305 – UB1016, UC305 – UC356, W310 – W1100

Aesthetic, functional & sustainable

Sleek, open, transparent and flexible, Angelina® beams offer a new architectural dimension within an environmentally friendly approach. With their sinusoidal web openings, they elegantly combine function with flexibility, integrating technical installations and optimising the weight/height or load/weight ratio.

These lightweight, long-spanning, structural elements enable the design of vast column-free spaces and present an interesting alternative to trusses and open-web joist systems. Thanks to a reduced production time and substantial material savings, Angelina® also meets the economic requirements of your projects.

Thanks to their numerous benefits, Angelina® beams are included in ArcelorMittal’s comprehensive, science-based Steligence® concept which will facilitate the next generation of high-performance buildings and construction techniques, creating a more sustainable life-cycle for buildings.

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