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Among our wide range of products and solutions, ArcelorMittal is able to offer specific solutions for improved earthquake resistance:

  • High strength low alloyed steels, known as HSLA, provide a high level of yield strength and a high elongation level to absorb high levels of energy in case of earthquake.
  • Improved weldable steels, such as Histar®, provide high toughness performance and resistance under dynamic loads.
  • Sandwich panels and double skin facade solutions that contribute to structural resistance of single storey buildings, avoiding partial collapse of the facade and frame.
  • Light steel framing solutions which have been pre-designed to satisfy seismic requirements as light, ductile, and energy absorbent framing systems able to fulfil severe earthquake requirements.
  • A specific rebar product range, with qualified ratio Rm/Re, certified for seismic resistance of concrete structures.

ArcelorMittal is able to provide the most suitable solutions that meet the most severe earthquake design requirements all around the world.

Earthquake resistance

The earthquake phenomenon is one of the most devastating natural events that can endanger structural robustness and construction stability.

Moreover, earthquakes are potentially active in all parts of the world. As a high resistance and ductile material, steel is the indisputable choice for seismic-resistant construction.

Even when it comes to the most demanding projects, such as high-rise buildings or long span bridges, steel frame construction has demonstrated its capacity to resist severe seismic events.