Sandwich panels

Profiles and panels

Facade applications

Promistyl® - mineral wool panels

Module 4 - mineral wool panel

Roofing applications

Ondastyl® - mineral wool panels

Sandwich panels

Technical details

Sandwich panels are available in different types for different applications in order to meet the specific requirements of your project:

Promistyl®: insulated sandwich panels with a mineral wool core designed for cladding applications
Promisol®: insulated sandwich panels with polyisocyanurate (PIR) core also for cladding applications
Module 4: a modular facade solution with a mineral wool core

Ondatherm®: insulated panels with a PIR Polyurethane core and steel shells with a trapezoidal outer facing - suitable for roofing applications
Ondastyl® T: insulated sandwich roof panels with a mineral wool core

Insulated panels for facades and roofing

ArcelorMittal's sandwich panels consist of high-performance insulation materials and steel sheets with different surface structures available in a wide range of colours with hidden and visible fixings.

The PIR and mineral wool cores guarantee excellent performances for thermal insulation and fire safety. Thanks to their structural rigidity and mechanical characteristics combined with their low weight, ArcelorMittal sandwich panels are a cost-efficient solution for a wide range of applications.

The new iQ⁺ System® range of sandwich panels has been designed to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and their environmental footprint. They are made of an iQ⁺ polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam and two prepainted steel facings and include:

  • Ondatherm T iQ⁺ roofing panels with a trapezoidal outer facing
  • Promisol® S iQ⁺ wall panels with hidden fixings and external facings with ribbed, micro-ribbed, Linea, or smooth finishes
  • Promisol® V iQ⁺ wall panels with visible fixings and ribbed, micro-ribbed, or smooth external facings