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In order to meet architects' and engineers' requirements for efficient long span structures, we at ArcelorMittal Europe are offering a full range of products and solutions for buildings and civil engineering works:

  • High strength resistant steels used as sections, welded built up sections, trusses or girders - adaptable to each designer's choice
  • Composite construction solutions - the most economical and efficient design option that combines steel for structures and concrete for decking
  • Some of our processing centres can propose prefabricated solutions to be delivered directly on-site to construction companies all over Europe

All of the above capabilities have been recognised by our customers, and we are proud to have contributed to some of the most iconic new constructions in the world such as stadiums, arenas, bridges, and unique industrial buildings.

Long span structures

With our wide range of products, ArcelorMittal Europe offers an extensive set of solutions for long span structures that meet performance requirements and effectively contribute to building efficiency and adaptability.

When working on long span construction projects, steel is the undisputed material of choice.

The intrinsic advantages of steel are easily recognised by project decision makers and contractors:

  • Best in class resistance to weight ratio
  • Capability to produce tailor made shapes, welded or bolted, based on flat or long products
  • Prefabrication off-site as well as quick erection on-site in order to shorten construction planning

Long span structures are more frequently used in buildings and civil engineering construction as they offer full flexibility, adaptability, life cycle assets, cost savings, and reduced the environmental footprint.