Safe, flexible, and functional spaces for the Ferrari Sporting Management Centre thanks to ArcelorMittal structural steel

ArcelorMittal supplied ACB® cellular beams and heavy HE sections for the earthquake-resistant structure of Ferrari's new Sporting Management Centre at the company's headquarters in Maranello, Italy. Reflecting the brand's unique style and values, this state-of-the-art building houses the main activities of the Ferrari Formula 1 racing team including technical and administrative offices and production workshops.

Detailed information

Ferrari Sporting Management Centre: iconic corporate architecture

Designed by the French architectural office Wilmotte & Associés Architectes as an iconic building with a strong visual identity, the Scuderia Ferrari's new Sporting Management Centre represents the brand image known worldwide for its audacity and high quality standards and unites the different Sporting Management departments under one roof.

Located at the entrance to the Ferrari cittadella in Maranello, it is a true gateway to the area and a functional link with the rest of the factory thanks to its characteristic facade design in Ferrari's signature colours. Built in only 20 months, the building will evolve with the company in the future thanks to its modular design.

Lean, robust, and safe structure thanks to ArcelorMittal steel

The building's modularity is also seen in its steel structure, an important prerequisite for further building extensions in the future. The structural grids of 16 x16 m consist of tubular steel columns and heavy HE and cellular sections as floor beams.

The most important reason for choosing steel for the structure was the fact that the building is located in a seismic hazard zone and steel structures perform well when subjected to earthquakes thanks to their ductility, flexibility, and low weight. The structure of the Ferrari Sporting Management Centre was specifically designed and optimised to withstand high seismic loads.

ArcelorMittal supplied a total of 1200 t of structural steel sections in S355 grade for the Ferrari Sporting Management Centre's steel structure: 1000 t of HEA-A 600 and HEB-A 900 sections and 200 t of  ACB® cellular beams for the flooring structure.  Both types of sections were produced at the ArcelorMittal mill in Differdange, Luxembourg. For the production of the ACB®  beams, supplied by ArcelorMittal's finishing centre Eurostructures, a patented method developed by the company's R&D team is applied - using hot-rolled sections and specialised software to create light and cost-effective beams for lean, robust, and safe structures. In the case of the Ferrari Sporting Management Centre, the ACB® beams were fabricated using IPE-O 600 sections. The process includes a double cut-out in their web by flame cutting. The two obtained T- sections are consequently shifted and rewelded leading to an increase in height. The structural product thus obtained has an increased ratio of moment of inertia to weight.

Both ArcelorMittal's heavy H sections and ACB® cellular beams are an efficient and popular solution for long spans. At the same time, ACB® beams provide the required transparency and functionality to the entire flooring system.

Architecture: functional spaces for harmonious coexistence

With a total surface of 24 000 m2 on three levels, the new GES facility offers highly functional workspaces in order to optimise the production process and improve efficiency. Lighting, horizontal circulation, and the emblematic signature red were designed to create a unique space where conceptual designers, technical offices, the research & development department, the assembly of the Formula 1 cars, communications, and management all coexist.

Style, functionality, efficiency, and innovation are the main lines of the architectural plan and aim at improving the workplace conditions of the different activities housed in the building. The design of the efficient and harmonious floor plan layouts ensures the perfect organisation for this coexistence, which not only includes the company's employees of the different Sporting Management departments and the products and materials but also the centre's external visitors.

The basement and ground floor house workshops and laboratories for all activities related to the assembly of the race cars. The technical departments, offices, and larger spaces for communications and events are located on the first floor.

The building's representative facade is made of modular glazed panels on the basement level and ground floor. The first floor is enveloped in the company's iconic red, black, and reflective metallic colours which contribute architecturally to the brand's principles of sinuous strength, character, and dynamism.

Environmental and sustainable performance are ensured by the use of both thermal and photovoltaic solar panels and a water recuperation system propelled by compressors. The landscape and garden design make the building blend intelligently with its surroundings.

Project information

  • Maranello
  • Italy
  • 2013 - 2015
  • Architect:
    Wilmotte & Associés SA, Paris
  • Client:
    Ferrari S.p.A.
  • Engineering firms:
    Studio Quaranta (structural engineering & site management)
    Polistudio & HL-PP (building services)
  • Contractor:
    Gruppo Manni (steel construction)
    Italiana Costruzioni (general contractor)
  • Photographer:
    ©Milène Servelle/Wilmotte & Associés