Coatings for profiles and panels

Muralys® - Digital photos on facades

Technical information

Muralys® utilises the innovative technology of molecular digital transfer, which makes it possible to send any digital picture or drawing right to the heart of the thermosetting coating and thus allows printing any type of high-resolution visual directly on a steel product from ArcelorMittal Construction. The image is then immediately protected by a protective varnish layer.

The process is adapted specifically for ArcelorMittal Construction’s range and supports the following cladding products: Hairplan, ST, Coques MD, Cassettes BS, Trapeza range, Frequence range, Promplan, Promisol S 1000, and Planéa. Height limit is 7 cm, while the maximum dimension of each element is 6.4 m long and 1.8 m wide.

Digital photos on facades

With Muralys® Creativ it is possible to reproduce any visual, logo, or photo on an ArcelorMittal Construction steel product in breath-taking resolution. Imagine your exclusive customised visual environment and bring it to life with Muralys®!

Developed by our team of designers to meet the architectural trends of the moment, our Muralys® Collection perfectly highlights facades. Let yourself be inspired by our 16 exclusive finishes that allow you to express the singularity of your project while respecting the cultural and historical environment of your building.

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