Long Products

Technical information

Transport rails:

  • rails & track fittings for public and urban railway and underground lines
  • high speed rails (for speeds over 350 km/h)
  • heavy rails
  • conductor rails

Tram Rails (grooved, vignole, & block rail)
Light Rails (specific light transport & underground mining operations)
Crane Rails (DIN crane rails, American crane rails, special crane rails & girder crane rails)
Special sections (cathode bars, rail accessories, & track shoes)

Innovative, high quality rails

The rails and track fittings manufactured by ArcelorMittal are supplied worldwide for high speed tracks, heavy haul tracks, and urban transport systems amongst others thanks to their product quality and the elevated level of reliability which has earned ArcelorMittal the trust of their customers.

The offer is enhanced with many certificates and approvals from transport companies in different countries.

Rails are steel products that must fulfil a multitude of technological requirements. Continuous quality control and elaborate testing ensure the characteristics of the final product meet the stringent requirements regarding rail characteristics and performance.

In addition to head hardened rails, high-speed railways (with speeds over 350 km/h) are one of the most demanding applications for which ArcelorMittal has developed innovative production processes.