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ArcelorMittal's Granite® HFX Cool has been specifically developed for standing seam roofing. It combines:

  • Steel resistance and high ductility performance for on-site assembly
  • Guaranteed performance at low temperature to enable erection on-site (great for winter conditions)
  • Long life durability and corrosion resistance
  • Wide range of coloured or metallic finishes

This type of covering is highly suitable for the most complex and sophisticated roof shapes and can be used to cover curved, convex, or concave surfaces such as domes, cones, etc. It can also be extended to facades.

The limited number of seams guarantees maximum water tightness, a particular advantage in harsh climatic conditions (mountain or continental climates with considerable exposure to wind, rain, or snow).

Standing seam roofing

ArcelorMittal Europe proposes a specific range of solutions for pre-formed steel sheets, available in a wide range of colours and textures for standing seam roofing systems.

A characteristic feature of standing seam roofing is its linear rhythm. Assembled on site from steel strips, this type of roofing combines sophisticated aesthetic appeal with complex shapes and is ideal for both modern and traditional architectural styles.

“Standing seam” is a technique that involves joining adjacent steel strips with upturned edges. Folding and interlocking are carried out using traditional methods or special tools. In the cleated seam system, a cap covering the seams ensures that the steel strips are watertight. The cap gives this type of roofing its characteristic look.

Architectural quality is a priority with this type of roofing. Quite apart from its state-of-the art technical characteristics, the texture and appearance of the material convey a quality image. The regular pattern of thin lines created by the standing seams complements both traditional and contemporary architectural styles.

The advantages of standing seams are:

  • Sophisticated aesthetic appearance
  • Ideal for covering complex shapes
  • Durability and stability
  • Maximum water tightness

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