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ArcelorMittal Europe offers products with top fire reaction performances:

  • As bare material, steel is classified A1, which is the best performing level.
  • Granite® organic coated steels are also A1 Euro class.
  • Our sandwich panel product range goes up to A2-s1-d0 classification.

Therefore, ArcelorMittal Europe’s product range is able to satisfy the most demanding national regulations concerning fire reaction performance.

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Fire reaction

The way in which material and construction products react to fire performance is key to ensuring people’s safety in case of fire at a construction site.

Fire reaction indicates the way a material behaves as a combustible.

Construction products’ reaction to fire is determined through Euroclasses. The Euroclasses were introduced following a resolution by the Commission (2000/147/EEC) on 8 February 2000 to create a common platform for the comparison of the fire properties of construction materials.

Fire testing of products is conducted in accordance with harmonised testing methods. As defined by a series of European standards, this includes several tests and related performances:

  • Classification for combustibility. Class A1 is non-combustible and the requirement level cannot be combined with any additional class mentioned below.
  • Additional classification for smoke development, identified by the symbol s.
  • Additional classification for burning droplets, identified by the symbol d.