Granite® HDX - An optimum outdoor prepainted product

Technical information

•    55µm thick paint coating system available
•    Dimensions: thicknesses between 0.20 and 3 mm, widths between 700 and 1850 mm
•    Surface appearance: grained
•    Gloss (Gardner 60®): 30GU
•    Condensation resistance (QCT): 1500 hours
•    Coating adhesion (T-bend): ≤1T
•    Resistance to cracking on bending (T-bend): ≤1.5T
•    Scratch resistance (Clemen): ≥3 kg
•    Excellent durability performance with corrosion resistance up to RC5+ and UV resistance up to RUV4*
•    Surface treatment and paint: free of hexavalent chromium and heavy metals

*According to the EN10169-2021 standard

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Excellent durability and colour stability for extreme environments

Excellent outdoor prepainted product for buildings exposed to difficult climatic or environmental conditions. For both indoor and outdoor use.

Very long durability among all prepainted products.

Very good colour stability with an extensive colour range available.

Can be used for facade and roofing solutions, including photovoltaic systems.

Up to 35-year guarantee depending on the external environment.

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