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ArcelorMittal Europe proposes a full range of insulated sandwich panels with the highest level of thermal performances.

  • Sandwich panels, such as Ondatherm®, are used for a building's most demanding thermal requirements. Some specific products are even used to build cold rooms for the food industry. Being prefabricated products, they offer quick erection and on-site productive solutions.
  • On-site double skin solutions, combining trays, profiles, and even sandwich panels, can also satisfy several requirements such as thermal, acoustic, and even fire safety.
  • For individual housing, steel frame solutions combined with external insulation material provides the highest level of thermal insulation performance as it enables thermal bridge cancellation on facades and roofing.

Thermal efficiency will continue to be a key driver for building sustainability as it is a crucial factor to reduce a building's environmental footprint.

Thermal insulation

Throughout the last two decades, energy efficiency has become one of the most important requirements to ensure a building’s performance.

Maintaining acceptable temperatures in buildings (by heating and cooling) is a large contributor to global energy consumption.

When well insulated, a building is energy and cost efficient, and therefore significantly lowers the owner’s expenses.

It also provides more uniform temperatures throughout the space, thus creating a more comfortable environment for its occupants, especially when outside temperatures are extremely cold or hot.

Thermal insulation can be defined as the material or a combination of materials that delay the transfer of heat. The combination of steel and insulated materials is a competitive way of ensuring durability and efficiency of thermal insulation solutions for external and internal applications such as roofing and facades.

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