Granite® Impression

Organic Coated Steels

Granite® Impression

Granite® Impression Cloudy

Granite® Impression Agate

Technical details

  • Natural and beautiful skins for buildings
  • Attractive finishes with all the benefits of durability and performance that pre-painted steel offers
  • Wide variety of colours and textures to match differing materials and textures
  • Guaranteed reproducibility
  • Colour stability over time and durability of steel

Granite® Impression Wood

Granite® Impression Snake & Elephant

Impressive aesthetics for buildings

Stunning textures and exciting finishes

Granite® Impression is a portfolio containing a wide spectrum of possible combinations

  • Granite® Cloudy recreates the random natural appearance of tiled roofs 

  • Granite® Wood offers natural wood appearance and attractive finishes for a range of constructions and details

  • Granite® Agate gives the impression of inlays of iron oxide finishes

  • Granite® Snake and Elephant, with scaled surface which diffracts light, generate both a shiny aspect with amazing textural look and feel.

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