Loueur Lyon Part Dieu - EFFIA car park: Cofraplus® 60 composite floor decking enables this multi-storey car park

Inaugurated in October 2019, a new car park dedicated to car rental services in the city of Lyon, France is making a difference in the lives of users and in the traffic of the neighbourhood. It was built with steel produced by ArcelorMittal's Construction and Long Products business units under the coordination of the Steligence® team. This project is another result of the successful long-term partnership between ArcelorMittal and the company Gagnepark.

Detailed information

Fully dedicated to car rental services

Located on Avenue Pompidou, close to the Lyon Part-Dieu railway station, this new car park gathers all car rental services in one unique dedicated site. It includes 721 parking spaces on seven floors, equipment for preparation and maintenance, as well as the offices of the car rental agencies. This project will contribute to the reduction of traffic flow of the district, while improving the level of service.

Prefabrication for easy, fast, and sustainable construction

The car park is a steel-concrete composite structure with a steel structure and concrete floors poured onto steel floor decking.

Steligence® was the main coordinator of the project and provided the customer with best-in-class products from different business units of ArcelorMittal:

  • 400 tonnes of 15-metre joists and beams from ArcelorMittal Steligence® Fabrication Centre
  • 15 000 m² of Cofraplus® 60 composite floor decking from ArcelorMittal Construction as well as additional 1200 m² of steel tray for the roof including cold rolled profiles produced by Profil du Futur to build the structure of the top floor

The particularity of this project was the very reduced construction space as the car park is located between the railway station, office buildings, and rail tracks to the north and to the south. However, the use of prefabricated elements facilitated the construction and shortened the construction planning. It was also a strong advantage sustainability-wise as the prefabricated steel structures had a lesser impact on the city traffic.

Moreover, the long products supplied for the structure of the car park are made from 100% recycled steel. The galvanised beams are also fire-resistant (in the event of fire of several vehicles) - attained without any of the usual protections (flocking or intumescent paint).

A successful partnership

ArcelorMittal’s collaboration with Gagnepark started in 2007, and it is based on long-term vision, trust, and efficiency in terms of deadlines and quality. Partners for more than 10 years, we are happy to work with Gagnepark for the construction of ever more efficient car parks.

Check out the testimony of Eric Raddaz (Managing Director) and Nicolas Piancone (Project Manager) of Gagenpark in the video.

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  • 2019
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