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Technical information

ArcelorMittal's range of hot rolled sections includes:

  • European IPE, IPN, HE, HLZ, HL, HD, HP, UPE, UPN, and U sections
  • American W, S HP, C, and MC shapes
  • British UB, J, UC, UBP, PFC, and CH shapes
  • Russian HG and UE sections
  • Japanese H sections

Available steel grades:

  • standard steel grades (according to EN 10025-2, EN 10025-4, ASTM, GOST, & JIS)
  • HISTAR® steels (355 MPa and 460 MPa yield strength) with improved weldability and toughness
  • steel grades for specific required performances like elevated service temperatures or very high requirement levels like offshore platforms

The widest range of shapes

ArcelorMittal offers the widest range of hot rolled steel shapes in a number of common and high strength steel grades according to European, American, British, Russian, and Japanese standards.

Furthermore, ArcelorMittal is continuously developing innovative construction solutions for sustainable and economic steel and composite structures. Different types of castellated beams, shallow floor systems, composite mega-columns, and prefabricated beams for composite bridges are just a few examples of ArcelorMittal's efforts in this field.

ArcelorMittal offers:

  • technical assistance to optimise the use of our products and solutions (free design tools & technical advisory)
  • wide range of finishing services (surface protection, welding, cutting, bending, etc.)

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